Thursday, 29 December 2016


Sequel to a wild rumor making the rounds to the effect that the Management of Nasarawa State University, Keffi, has increased or upwardly reviewed SCHEDULE OF SCHOOL FEES FOR RETURNING STUDENTS, it has become imperative for the University authorities to release this statement in order to inform our students, their parents/guardians and the general public that this rumor was unfounded and clearly intended to create an atmosphere of tension between the University and its stakeholders. It is also unfortunate that in spite of spirited efforts to establish the truth from what was initially considered a mere silent, hush hush and idle speculation, the unfounded rumor kept gaining grounds. It has now therefore  become very necessary to state unequivocally that there was absolutely no truth whatsoever in respect of any adjustments in the existing school fees template for OLD students of the University who are expected to return to school on 3rd January, 2017 for the commencement of registration for the 2016/2017 Academic Session.

For the avoidance of doubt, the school fees regimes for our students who are returning to school for the new academic session to continue with their studies remain the same, as follows:


200 LEVEL Indigenes
a) Arts/Humanities n30,600.00
b) Sciences N32,600.00
200 LEVEL Non-Indigenes
a) Arts/Humanities N38,750.00
b) Sciences N41,250.00
300 to 500 LEVELS Indigenes
a) Arts/Humanities N26,700.00
b) Sciences N27,700.00
300 to 500 LEVELS Non-Ingigenes
a) Arts/Humanities N35,800.00
b) Sciences N36,800.00


In a related development however, it is pertinent to inform new intakes / freshmen, their parents/guardians and the general public that commencing from the incoming 2016/2017 academic session, all prospective new students who have been offered admission into the University would be expected to pay a new school fees regime that is slightly above that of the old / returning students. This clarification is very important in order to discountenance the obvious mixup in information dissemination that concerns the issue of school fees schedule in the University. The fees for freshmen is therefore as below stated:

100 LEVEL (UTME) Indigenes
a) Arts/Humanities N65,100.00
b) Sciences N68,100.00.
100 LEVEL (UTME) Non-Indigenes
a) Arts/Humanities N100,000.00
b) Sciences N103,000.00.

200 LEVEL (DE) Indigenes
a) Arts/Humanities N67,100.00
b) Sciences N70,100.00.
200 LEVEL (DE) Non-Indigenes
a) Arts/Humanities N102,000.00
b) Sciences N105,000.00.


A) All Ph.Ds = N179,160.00
B) All Academic Masters (M.A/M.Sc/M.Ed/LLM etc = N169,060.00
C) All Professional Masters (MBA/MAF/MPA) etc = N261,500.00
D) All Postgraduate Diplomas (PGDs) = N161,500.00

It is hoped that this piece of information/clarification would help to dispel discordant rumors going round about the School Fees Schedule for Undergraduate students of the University as captured above. In case of further enquiries the University Students Accounts Unit or the Bursary Department can be reached for more information.
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Credit: NSUK Information and Protocol Unit

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Saturday, 24 December 2016

Mass.Comm. Results Released: Records a Whooping 37 Second Class Upper Graduating Students.

Mass.Comm. Results Released: Records a Whooping 37 Second Class Upper Graduating Students.

By Clement, Philip Shimnom

Sequel to the approval of the senate of Nasarawa State University, Keffi, the department of Mass Communication has released its second semester result for the 2015/2016 academic session today.

Breakdown of the results shows that out of the 202 final year students, 37 emerged with second class upper degree, 108 second class lower degree, and 7 with third class degree while  the rest of the 50 students couldn't meet the requirements for graduation.

One unique feature of this year's result is that it had 7 students on 4 points out of the 37 second      class upper students which is a rare feat any set had ever achieved. Also the number of student's graduating with second class upper degree has also sky rocketed compared to the previous sets.

One of the graduating student, Patrick Ogbu who couldn't hide his joy after seeing his result said his Christmas has been made seeing that he has made it in the graduating list and also on the list of second class upper students. Another graduating student who was the class representative Valentine Chinonso Frank was full of joy seeing that the deal is finally done as the results were placed.

Similarly, the best graduating student in the class Frederick Oxford with a CGPA of 4.44 disclosed to NSUK Guide that the result so far released showed the resilience of the students. " hardwork and persistence pays and above all God did it" he screamed with a loud voice.

Meanwhile,  some of the student's who couldn't make the graduating list did not hide their disappointment, but resolved to accept their fate and clear themselves.

The department which is currently headed by Tonnie Iredia PhD, OON is known for housing some of the best brains in the institution as evident in their contributions in National Dailies like Daily Trust and The Nation Newspapers

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Thursday, 22 December 2016


NSUK Guide

|By: Divinelove Udorji & Mark Motion|
Please the general public and prospective students into Nasarawa State University, Keffi should be wary of one alleged Professor (Prof. Moses Account Number: Ehizojie Moses 3097611995 First bank) who has been parading himself as a lecturer in Nasarawa State University, Keffi and allegedly offers admission to prospective students of the institution.

Investigations and reports made available to this reporters has revealed that the said Professor is not a lecturer in the institution and has no affiliation with the management of the school or JAMB authorities and anybody who does any transaction with him in the name of securing admission into Nasarawa state university does that at his/her own risk.

This fraudster was exposed after series of complaint from prospective student about his defrauding activities. A male admission seeker who wishes to remain anonymous said;  

"I called Professor after I saw his post on facebook offering admission to prospective students. The Prof said I should pay the sum of 50,000 (Fifty Thousand Naira) which I can do in instalment for the admission, however I became apprehensive when I noticed his manner of spoken English, been a professor I expected his spoken English to be well polished, but he sounded more like a secondary school student. I then asked him where his office is so I can come and meet him in person, he then told me he works in the admission office. I said ok, where is the admission office? He then said if I come to NSUK he will send someone to bring me to the admission office".  
Another admission seeker who is a female and has been caught in the web of this fraudster also revealed that;    
"I called Professor and told him how I had tried years after years to gain admission into NSUK and he told me he could do it for me, that infact he was compiling the second admission list now and he would soon forward it to the Registrar's office and from there take it to JAMB office and that if I wanted my name to be on the list I would have to pay him 40,000 (Forty Thousand naira).  
"I asked him if there was still a slot in the department I was applying for (Theatre Arts) and he said that Theatre Arts was in the Faculty of 'Management Sciences' and there was still empty slots in that faculty. I began to wonder when Theatre Arts became a Management course, as my JAMB slip read Faculty of Arts". She added  
After series of calls where put to him by our eagle eyed reporters, it was revealed that the said professor is not a lecturer in NSUK and the said 'admission office' does not exist in NSUK.
Please be wary of individuals parading themselves on social media as lecturers who offer admission to prospective students. Too many students in the past have been a victim of this fraudsters.

Good Music Alert: Mama Africa By Otublinks

When u talk of good music and pretty lyrics, otublinks a.k.a mama bwoy is one you can rely on and reckon with. This song is a confession of mother's love. 
It was produced by God's own beat and mixed by burning sound (Kaduna best producer 2016). 
The ' I made it' crooner is indeed a songwriter because he met my expectation. 
Download and feel the groove of the song.

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On Fresher's Registration and NSUK's new form of fee payments.

NSUK Guide

Registration ends on 6th January 2017. (Late registration commence immediately & attracts additional N5000),

For those that are waiting till January to commence their registration, i will advice that if you have the means, come over and do your data capture, print out your Admission Letter & Screening Form now.
There are staff in school who are currently attending to students for clearance and the crowd is less.

If you can do these (Data Capture, Print Admission Letter & Screening Form) within this week and next week, then by January, you will just need to come & simply pay your school fees.

As at the time of this post many students who came for registration this week are done or almost done with their registrations.

But if you are waiting till January 2nd, the crowd maybe too much, you'll have just 5 days to do your data capture, print your Admission Letter and Screening Form and do your clearance from the Academic Officer, Faculty Officer and Head of Departmaent (there maybe possibilities that one of them may not be on seat for one reason or the other, therefore you might be delayed and late reg will affect you, except if you want to willingly pay an extra 5k sha).

As we announced, registration is fully on.
I must say, i really appreciate all those that came to our cafe for their registration.
Wow, the turn out from you guys was impressive. Am glad NSUK Guide has been able to live up to its name.

For those that were here? They sure didnt regret it. They were properly guided on every next step they needed to take all the way.

Still expecting more of you guys though.

Once again we are at the Faculty of Arts building, from the school gate, take a bike to the Faculty of Arts.

Call us on 08036335647 08094558435 08176579594 as soon as u get to the Faculty and we will come get you to do your data capture, print your Admission Letter & Screening Form for u with ease, and no delay.

All NSUK's payment of fees are now paid online using your ATM cards, just as you all shop online, as soon as payment is made your payment receipt will be automatically generated as your proof of payment. So far it has been safe and secured. We have not encountered any problems with this new form of payment.
For those that may not have an ATM card, u can deposit the money to either a close friends or a family member's account that has an ATM card and payment will be made on your behalf.

No more invoice wahala, no more queuing at the bank under hot sun.

Let TeamNSUKGuide guide u all the way!

Ur best Guide around NSUK.

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Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Things To Do As A Fresher In NSUK

NSUK Guide

Its really cool to get an admission into the university of your choice especially with the joy and happiness that comes with been an undergraduate. Not all new students (fresher's) get someone or counsellor to assist them in planning or advise them on steps to take. Many go through a lot of unnecessary stress and before they know it test and exam is at the corner.

Many have difficulties performing well academically in their first year, this write-up will help you to take the right steps. Kindly Read this Details carefully if you have gotten an admission.

Note: You don't have to complete a step before taking the next because some steps may take more than a week to complete.

This is not suppose to come ahead of acceptance fee but it really important you get your credentials together. The following credentials are to be available.
*Your O'level Results
*JAMB Result Slip
*Admission Letter
*Birth certificate or Age Declaration
*State of Origin Certificate
*Letter of Acceptance.
Check your department for other requirements..

This fees tell the school that you interested in the admission you have been offered and would love to study. Make sure you pay these fees before the deadline or closing date.

You can decide to either stay off campus or in the hostel but which ever one you wish do it as soon as you can so as get settled into your registration process and academic work quickly.

You don't necessarily have to finish everything at once. Endeavour to begin the registration process and finish up with all registration and submission. Get your level coordinator, a current student or a friend in the school to tell you what to do and how to register if any challenge.

Identify the school, i.e your faculty, department, admin block etc. Try to know the head of your department and your level coordinator. Join a Religion Group and other Beneficial Group. In your first year avoid combining more than two groups.

Don't wait until you complete your registration before attending lectures. You don't have any excuse for failure or poor academic performance. Once lecture commences start attending lectures while you continue with your registration if you weren't able to finish. You also have to start studying as time wait for no one.

A good friend is a ladder to success. Make friends in class, in the hostel as some of them may give you working ideas, lend you lecture materials.

The semester test will come sooner than you expect. It is advisable students start preparing for their test once lecture begins and keep in mind examination also.

Have it at the back of your mind from your first day in school that you want to succeed, then make efforts to succeed.

Please note: This Post is modified from the original post titled; "Things To Do When You Get Admission Into Tertiary Institution" posted on Nairaland forum

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Sunday, 18 December 2016

NSUK Convocation Holds Early 2017

The Vice Chancellor of Nasarawa State University, Keffi, Professor Muhammad Mainoma, has revealed that Convocation ceremony for the graduates of the University will take place in the early months of 2017.

Professor Mainoma disclosed this in an exclusive encounter with NSUK Official Bulletin, September-December, 2 016 Special Edition to mark his 2-year in office as Vice Chancellor.

According to him, the event has been delayed, for so long, due to many factors especially the issue of funding and getting approval for it.

“We have prepared at 3 different times but could not raise the desired resources and the necessary approval to do it”, the VC said.

“Before we came in it was the absence of approved results. When we got results for 3 years and proposed a date in February 2 015, we could not get the necessary funds. We shifted to November 2015, there was the strike issues. We wanted to do it in April but could not get the approval.

“We therefore decided to wait to get the results of the 2015/2016 set so that we can propose for combined Convocation.

“So we may have Convocation early next year”, Professor Mainoma alluded.

Credit: Information and Protocol Unit, NSUK.

Saturday, 17 December 2016


All new students can start coming for deir data capture, payment of acceptance fee and printing of Admission letter and Clearance form from Monday 19th December.

Late Registration starts on 7th - 13th January 2017. (Additional Fees of N5,000

You can reach us via dis numbers 08036335647 08094558435 08176579594
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Step One
1. Data Capture.
This is the first step, it involves creating your student's profile on the school site. At this point you will be required to verify your Admission and fill in the necessary details about yourself and your educational background as may be required.
(Pls come with photocopies of all your credentials)

Meet us at our Cyber Cafe at the Faculty of Arts for all your registration. Just take a bike from the school gate to the Faculty of Arts.

2. Payment for Acceptance Fee.
After Data Capture, we will print out an Applicant summary form and your Payment Invoice for Acceptance fee. As you may already know the acceptance fee is N10,000

After payment of the acceptance fee is made, we will print out your Screening form and Admission Letter.

Note: You can not get access to your Screening form and Admission Letter without first paying the acceptance fee and you can't pay the acceptance fee without doing your data capture.

For enquiries, please call 08036335647 08094558435 08176579594
. (Powered by TeamNsukGuide)

3. Result Verification
Proceed to the Academic Office with the screening form and your credentials for certificate verification. Note that here you will be required to buy WAEC/NECO/NABTEB result checking scratch cards, depending on which result you are using and if you are using two results, you will buy two cards.

After that, proceed to your Faculty/Department with the following alongside your Admission Letter and Screening Form:
a. UTME/DE Slip
b. Original Copies of all credentials and Indigene Certificate
c. Ten (10) recent Passport-sized photographs

For enquiries, please call 08036335647 08094558435 08176579594
 . (Powered by TeamNsukGuide)

3. Paying School Fees.
Come back to us at the cafe to give you details of the amount you are to pay as school fees from your payment invoice.
You will be required to pay additional fee of:
1. Portal Access and Internet Charges = 5,000

Make sure you are properly screened at the Academic Office,  the Administrative Block, Faculty & Department before proceeding to the bank to Pay your School Fees, in that order.
(At your various departments, you will be given a Departmental Handbook that would contain all the courses you are to take for every semester and other relevant information). Hold extra cash because you may be ask to pay for departmental handbooks, faculty journals and some other charges during the screening (This charges varies from dept to dept).

Upon successful payment of your school fees, return to us at the Cyber Cafe to comfirm and verify your payment on the school site. After that you are to print the following documents:

1. School Fees Receipt
2. Students Information Form
3. Course Registration Form (Use the departmental Handbook Issued to you to identify courses required for your 1st semester)
4. Exam Card

Note: You can not get access to these documents without first paying the school fees.

NB: Please, make sure you are properly screened before paying school fees as there will be no refund after payment has been made.

For enquiries, please call 08036335647 08094558435 08176579594

For the N5000 internet charge you paid, All categories of students are expected to proceed to IT Centre to obtain Log in details, with which they will access the Internet for the entire session free of charge using WIFI connection.

In Summary, 1st you do your data capture, then pay your acceptance fee to get ur screening form and Admission Letter, Get screened and Cleared, Pay your fees and print out all 4 documents and you are ready, it seems like a piece of cake right? But i bet you that would probably be an experience that you will hardly forget. And don't expect to achieve all these in a day, its hardly possible.

Meet us at our Cyber Cafe for all your registration.

Our Cyber Cafe is located at the faculty of Arts. You can always reach us through the number provided for all your online registration procedures and continuous guidance. Just take a bike from the school gate to the Faculty of Arts.

You can also visit our blog for latest updates. Log on to

For enquiries, please call 08036335647 08094558435 08176579594
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NSUK Set to Reconstitute SUG, as VC warns Against Extra Charges from Departments and Faculties

NSUK Guide

Everything is set now for the reconstitution of the Students Union Government, SUG, in Nasarawa State University, Keffi, as the Vice Chancellor Professor Muhammad Mainoma has finally lifted the 3-year ban placed on the students body.

This cheering news came on Friday, when the leadership of the National Association of Nigerian Students, NANS, in Nasarawa State held a closed door meeting with some of the management staff of the University.

Professor Mainoma said the suspension on the activity of SUG lingered for so long due to a Senate decision to allow the participants of the 2013 water protest to graduate before lifting the ban.

“I think that requirement has been fulfilled by the graduation of the last set. So we have initiated a process to reconstitute the students body by next session”, the don promised.

The VC who himself held several SUG offices during his school days, said he is committed to bringing SUG back because of the leadership responsibilities it confers on students.

Earlier NANS Joint Campus Committee Chairman, Nasarawa Axis, Comrade Ibrahim Thaddeus Maiyanga, told the VC that the visit was as a result of the recent increment in school fees and the need to lift the ban on SUG, stating that steps should be taken to cushion the effect of the increment on students and parents,  especially the multiple charges that students are forced to pay after the same items have been captured in the school fees receipt.

Professor Mainoma said the University is facing a “major delimma” that if nothing is done urgently, the University will be shut down because of inadequate funding and lack of resources to pay salaries.

“It is either the students continue to pay #30,000 and ASUU goes on strike for 6 months every year or pay the current plan and stay at home for, maybe, one month.

“We are supposed to pay ASUU an outstanding 200 million Naira part of the Earned Academic Allowance by this December, but due to lack of fund ASUU agreed to wait till January.

“We spend 210 million Naira on salaries alone and we only receive 129 million Naira from the state government monthly, which we augment with more than 80 million Naira.

“So you see that we need extra 1.2 billion Naira every year to keep the system running otherwise they will be problem.

“The decision we took was a difficult but necessary one and when compared with charges from neighbouring institutions, ours is still lesser to theirs.

“For instance, Kogi State University is charging 65,000 for indigene and 107,000 for non indigenes, Benue State University charges 64,000 for indigenes and 102,000 for the non indigenes.

“In IBB Lapai, indigenes pay 62,000 while non indigenes pay 117,000, Plateau State University, Bokkos collect 50,000 for indigenes and 100,000 for non indigenes.

“Federal University Lokoja charges 75,000 flat, University of Jos collects 71,350 and Federal University of Technology, Minna collects 50,000”, Mainoma stated.

He said the adjustment in school fees is a difficult decision by management, especially with the present economic challenges, but insisted that in order not for the institution to close down, this has to be done.

On the hostel fee, the VC said only those who wish to stay in the hostels and have been allocated bed spaces will pay for it.

Professor Mainoma assured that no extra charges will be allowed by any authority except the one approved by management, and wants students to report any department or faculty that engages in collecting levies that are not approved.

“You have to help us as well. You don't have to just speculate or make allegations without evidence to prove it. If anybody collects any money that is not approved by management, bring the evidence and I assure you we will deal with those people”, he said.

The Editor-In-Chief of National Association of University Students Magazine Committee, Ofim Kelechi Ofim commended the effort of management in repositioning the ICT and pleaded that the WiFi services be extended to not just the entire Campus, but also to Angwa Lambu and High Court student villages, for which the VC said that it will be done in the nearest future,as soon as the needed funding is available. He said implementation of the plan is capital intensive and will be done in phases until those areas are connected.

Other management staff that attended the meeting included the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Administration) Dr. (Mrs.) Grace Pennap and the Bursar, Mr. Stephen Azizi.

A NANS stakeholder, Musa Moses, was among other student leaders from across Nasarawa State that attended the meeting.

By Ofim, Kelechi Ofim For NSUK Guide


Friday, 16 December 2016

WAEC to conduct ‘GCE’ twice a year from 2017.

NSUK Guide

The West African Examinations Council, WAEC, says it will soon begin the conduct of its examination for private candidates, popularly called GCE, twice in a year with effect from 2017.

The council Registrar, Iyi Uwadiae, spoke with the News Agency of Nigeria on the sidelines of the council’s “Registrar’s Staff Appraisal Committee’’ meeting on Wednesday in Accra, Ghana.

Mr. Uwadiae said, “The West Africa Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) for private candidates known as the November/December diet for private candidates will now be conducted in January/February and August/September.’’

According to him, the measure is to ensure that many private candidates, who desire the certificate for various purposes, will have the opportunity of writing the examination and acquire the certificate.

“We have concluded arrangements to commence writing of our WASSCE for private candidates twice a year from 2017.
“This will take place in January /February and August/September every year in all the member countries.
“This development, however, does not affect that of the school candidates, popularly called May/June.

“That one remains once a year for all school candidates,” Mr. Uwadiae said.
He explained that administering the WASSCE for private candidates twice a year was part of the projections of the council in 2017.

According to him, as part of its mandate to render qualitative service to all member nations, the council is looking forward to a more rewarding 2017.

“That is the essence of this meeting, which brings all the Heads of National Offices (HNO) from member countries together.
“This meeting takes place once a year to discuss the appraisals of the international staff in member countries and recommend members of staff that are due for promotion.

“During the meeting too, there is also a follow up action on staff with negative appraisals after which recommendations from the committee are forwarded to the international committee for ratifications.

“All these are parts of what we do in order to make the activities of the council more relevant and beneficial to our people,’’ he said.

Mr. Uwadiae lauded the HNOs for their resilience, doggedness and dedication in the face of peculiar challenges in their respective countries and for ensuring a smooth conduct of the examinations.

Describing them as the council’s foot soldiers, the registrar thanked the HNOs for the support accorded him as the overall head of the regional examination body.
“As foot soldiers of the council, I must say that they have done well and deserve the commendation of the council as we look forward to a better 2017.

“They (HNOs) have been meeting the mandate of conducting and releasing results of the various examinations within the stipulated periods and coordinating activities in their respective national offices,’’ he said.

Mr. Uwadiae said that WAEC was also looking forward to conducting its examination in many other countries with English speaking students, studying with Nigeria curriculum as possible.
“We are open to any country in Africa which desire to have us set examination for students, who are being taught with English and uses Nigeria curriculum.

“As long as these countries have all requisites needed for the conduct of our examination on ground, we will be there to carry out our mandate.
“For instance, we are currently rendering such services to some French speaking countries like Togo, Benin Republic and Cote d’Ivoire.
“These countries approached the council and we are doing that for their English speaking students who want our certificates,” he said.
Source: (NAN)

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Iredia's brief as Mass Communication HOD, extended

NSUK Guide

Iredia's brief as Mass Communication HOD, extended

The tenure of Head of Department of Mass Communication Department, Nasarawa State University, Keffi, Dr. Tonnie Iredia, OON, has been extended.

This was contained in the NSUK Bulletin September to December, 2 016 Edition released recently by the Information and Protocol Unit.

The veteran journalist and former Director General of both the Nigerian Television Authority, NTA, and the National Orientation Agency, NOA, has been in the saddle since 2015 and will continue in that capacity through September, 2017.

The tenure of Dr. Iredia has witnessed monumental transformation for the department, including a full accreditation for the undergraduate programme by the National Universities Commission (NUC) and pioneering the commencement of Post-Graduate programmes in the Department.

NSUK Expels 73 Students, 308 Others Receive Varying Punishments

NSUK Guide

NSUK Expels 73 Students, 308 Others Receive Varying Punishments


A total of 381 students across the seven faculties of Nasarawa State University, Keffi, received varying degrees of punishment for offences ranging from examination misconduct, certificate forgery, fake registration to failure to appear before Examination Misconduct Committee (EMC).

Information contained in the latest edition of NSUK Bulletin, published by the Information and Protocol Unit of the University, said the decision to punish the students were taken by the Senate of the institution during its Regular Meetings.

According to the Bulletin, the Senate on the 27th of October, 2016, approved the expulsion of 68 students, rustication of 180 students for one semester while 79 others received warning for engaging in fake registration, 2 others were cleared.

The document also shows that 5 students were cleared for wrong accusation of incorrect information in their files and insufficient credits, which have been remedied.

The Senate on the same day gave a one session grace to 3 students to present complete O’level results.

Similarly, at its 57th Regular Meeting on 25th August, 2016, the Senate expelled 5 students for engaging in examination malpractice, 35 were suspended for failing to appear before Examination Misconduct Committee while 4 others got reprieve for alleged involvement in examination misconduct.

The affected students include those admitted in 2009/2010, 2010/2011, 2011/2012, 2013/2014, 2014/2015 and some with JAMB registration numbers suspected to be those admitted in 2015/2016 session.

The list also includes Post Graduate students, especially those undergoing MBA programmes.

NSUK Students & Family Come Second At Maltina Dance All Competition 2016

NSUK Students & Family Come Second At Maltina Dance All Competition 2016-

|By: Divinelove Udorji|

After several weeks of amazing and spectacular performances, hectic and stressful rehearsals, and a lot of laughter and emotional moments, the Atuonwu family has emerged first runner-up of the ninth season of Maltina Dance All TV show which ended on the 10th of December 2016. Winning for themselves the sum of Three Million Naira (#3,000,000). The winner was chosen through viewers vote and after garnering the second largest votes from Nigerians, the Atuonwu family came second after the Adah family.        

As stipulated by the organisers of the competition, each family was to consist of five persons and the Atuonwu family had Samson Atuonwu, Michael Atuonwu, Jekeygreen Emmanuel, Confidence Atuonwu and Otagwanyo Mathew gallantly representing the family. The trio of Samson, Michael and Jekeygreen are students of Theatre Arts Department in Nasarawa State University, Keffi.      
The Atuonwu family were adjudged to be the best family in the competition as throughout the competition they were never put up for eviction, not even once! their routines were always impressive to the judges at all times, always perfect in their performances, they had the talent, the energy, the unity and the cooperation.
Speaking to Divinelove Udorji after the finale show, Michael Atuonwu said;    
"It was an exciting experience. We don't feel any less excited. A lot of families started the journey but we ended up 2nd, so that makes us champions too. The difference between us and the winner is the prize. Thanks to Maltina for putting up such an amazing show and a platform where talents are nurtured and showcased". Michael said
On what the family intends using the prize money for, Samson said; "Been that dance is what brought the fortune, we intend to invest in that talent".

When asked the lessons the competition had taught them, Jekeygreen reveals;

"One basic thing we learnt from Maltina dance all is time maximisation, unity and resilience". He said  
The trio who are members of the reputable dance group "The Elevatorz NG" have indeed proven that dance runs within the family, as the trio and other members of The Elevatorz NG dance group had some years ago offered a mind blowing performance in Nigeria's Got Talent Show, and another adorable dance performance in Dance-With-Peter Competition of which a member of the dance group (Kelvin) won the competition. They further gave another remarkable dance performance in Korea and other numerous performances in and outside Nigeria.  
Congratulations!!! Wishing you guys better days ahead!

Monday, 12 December 2016

Nasarawa State University, Keffi Schedule School fees for NEW & RETURNING UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS 2016/2017 Academic Session.

Nasarawa State University, Keffi Schedule School fees for NEW & RETURNING UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS 2016/2017 Academic Session.

UTME (100L)
Arts and Humanities:
Indigene -------------------------- #54,000
Non indigene -------------------- #89,000

Indigene -------------------------- #57,000
Non indigene --------------------- #94,000

Powered by TeamNsukGuide
D.E (200L)
Arts and Humanities:
Indigene -------------------------- #56,000
Non Indigene ------------------- #91,000

Indigene -------------------------- #59,000
Non indigene -------------------- #96,000

Powered by TeamNsukGuide

Note: All cleared candidates are to pay acceptance fee before they can download school fees payment invoice.

Please note that in addition to total fees above, you are required to pay the following

Acceptance fee: -------------------- #10,000
ICT charge: -------------------------- #5,000
Accommodation. ------------------ #10,000
E-transact fee: --------------------- #300


200L(Returning students)

Arts and Humanities:
Indigene -------------------------- #30,600
Non indigene -------------------- #38,750

Indigene -------------------------- #32,600
Non indigene -------------------- #41,250

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300L To 500L

Arts and Humanities:
Indigene -------------------------- #26,700
Non Indigene ------------------- #33,300

Indigene -------------------------- #28,700
Non indigene -------------------- #35,800

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Please note that in addition to total fees above, you are required to pay the following:

ICT charge: -------------------------- #5,000
Accommodation. ------------------ #10,000
E-transact fee: --------------------- #300

Faculty of Arts, Administration, Social Sciences,  Law, Agriculture and Education are all under Arts and Humanities.

From Office of the Bursar


Sunday, 11 December 2016

To All NSUK Student: On a General Note.

On a General Note.

I just realized ave checked some applicant's name more than five times.

No offense o. Una dey expect miracle ni! 
As much as I hate to say, if your name is not there, that's it o. Please accept it n stop giving urself false hope. 
It is not easy to check disame name again n again. Pity us. Even though I know some of u can't access the PDF due to proper facilities. (believe me there are some people in some remote areas of this state that all they have is a small Nokia or Other phones that can't open pdf files)

However, all through the history of NSUK, there is mostly a second list or supplementary List as others will call it. But please don't ask me when it will be released, because even the school management can not give a date.

For those that are lucky to be admitted, there are indications that your registration will be by January. Some are already calling if their Admission Letter is ready. Calm down! Every thing is going to be ready by January. Also on the fees for new intakes, the school management will let us know in due time, for now nothing official has been said.

Returning Students, hmmm, I just realized we have been at home since September, wow, as some of you will say "NSUK break dey b like ASUU strike, we no dey know when to resume''. Anyways, It's Officially January 2nd, just some weeks to January sha.

Wish all of you here can read dis n calm your nerves, cos somebody might even comment wit a question on a thing/issue I just addressed. 
And to my English professors here, I apologize for any grammatical error. (Na free style o. Lol)

Anyway, please share this post.

Have a wonderful week ahead from Mark Motion Simon C. E. O TeamNsukGuide

Admission List: Nasarawa State University, Keffi (NSUK) Provisional UTME/DE Admission List 2016/2017 Released

THIS is to inform the general public and all the candidates who applied for admission into The Nasarawa State University, Keffi, NSUK that the school management has released the names of candidates who have been offered provisional admission into the Institution for the 2016/2017 academic session.

Team NSUK Guide is proud to bring to you the 2016/17 NSUK Provisional Admission List and all the applicants who sat for the NSUK Post-UTME screening can now check their admission status.

Click HERE to download the PDF file containing the 2016/17 NSUK Provisional Admission List.

Goodluck and we hope to see in school for registration.

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Saturday, 10 December 2016

JAMB closes 2016 admission into federal, state varsities - Prof. Is-haq Oloyede

NSUK Guide

JAMB closes 2016 admission into federal, state varsities - Prof. Is-haq Oloyede

The Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board has closed the 2016 admissions to all federal and state universities, its Registrar/Chief Executive, Prof. Is-haq Oloyede, said on Thursday.

He, however, announced an extension of admissions to polytechnics, monotechnics, colleges of education and private universities.

He said, “All tertiary institutions and the general public are hereby informedthat the 2016 admissions exercise intopublic universities closed on Wednesday November 30, 2016.

However, the minister of education has approved an extension of two weeks (from December 1 to December 15, 2016) for all polytechnics, monotechnics, colleges of education and private universities.

“All institutions concerned are advisedto promptly process their recommendations to JAMB within the approved period.

”As JAMB prepares for the 2017 UnifiedTertiary Matriculation Examination, Oloyede said,  all owners of computer-based test centres had been invited to apply online for accreditation.

He said, “The CBT centres are invited to attend a meeting on Tuesday December 13, 2016.

To attend this meeting interested CBT centre owners are to register. The registration closes by 12.00pm on Monday December 12, 2016.”

Oloyede advised the public to disregard all websites and social media accounts posing as sales agents for 2017 UTME.

“JAMB has not commenced the sale ofthe 2017 UTME application forms and has not appointed and will not appoint any agent/or cybercafé as its agent.

The public is advised to beware of fraudsters. JAMB advises all candidates to always visit its website on for registration and other necessary information.

We call on all patriots to support JAMB in enhancing access to and equity in tertiary education in Nigeria,” he said.

Music Alert: Download Halleluyah By S-Mishun

Samuel Orji, popularly known by the stage name S-Mishun is a singer, prolific songwriter, a diehard, non-relenting, and hard working musician who has his eyes always fixed on and gunning for excellence.

He delved into music professionally since the year 2010.

He recently just released a single in 2016. The song, ”Halleluyah ”, whose video is also been anticipated and being his 1st official single is a Thanksgiving song that expresses the gratitudes and determinations of a visionary young man. 

Download Here

Download, Enjoy and Share HALLELUYAH by S-Mishun. 


Friday, 9 December 2016

New Music: Download Dan Nasarawa by Ozee X Terry da Rapman

NSUK Guide

Northern Hip-Hop never sounded so good. Terry Tha Rapman and singer Ozee (both from Nassarawa) team up for this catchy and infectious new song titled 'Dan Nasarawa'.

Produced also by Ozee the song promotes the vibrant music culture of the North and rap as well. Once you play this, you won't stop dancing.


Monday, 5 December 2016

Interview: One-on-One with with NSUK's E-Celebrity (Sapilo Prince Oghenerukevwe) MC/Comedian.

E-Celebrity (Sapilo Prince Oghenerukevwe) MC/Comedian.

E-Celebrity (Sapilo Prince Oghenerukevwe) is a comedian who doles out original wisecracks of intellectual flavour. The Delta State-born MC/Comedian has carved a niche for himself and his blossoming career as a man of inimitable comic sense. 

In this brief chat, E-Celebrity, 300 Level Mass Communication student of Nasarawa state university, keffi talks about his life, his life as an MC/Comedian/students and the roads ahead of him. 

Sit back, relax and enjoy as this comic genius reveals his plans to unveil his inimitable comic sense to the entertainment side of Nasarawa state university, keffi.


1. So let us get to know you. Briefly tell us about you and what you do. 
Well, my name is Sapilo Prince Oghenerukevwe aka E-Celebrity is an MC/Comedian. Am a native of urhobo from ughelli North Local government area of delta state. I was born and raised in warri where I did my nursery, primary and secondary school. Am currently, in NSUK studying mass communication, 300 level.

2. How long have you been into entertainment?                   
 I will say i've been into entertainment ever since I was a kid because while grow up there a lot of things I could do like singing, acting, cracking of jokes etc.. So I did most of these things at home among my siblings and they were really amazed but nevertheless I will say I have been into entertainment officially for 2years now
3. Is any member of your family into entertainment?                     
Yes! Two of my siblings are into entertainment, one is a comedian/mc and the other is Rapper.

               4. Aside being an MC/Comedian, is there any artistic talents that you have?
Yes.....if there is any other thing I can call a second Talent is my ability to act very well on stage

5. What Motivated You To Go Into Music?                   
Well, I will say my friends motivated caused they believed I was very good at it and my passion

6. Tell Us More About Yourself, Family, and Childhood?                      
Smiles....well, am from a very large Family. We are 10 in number, 6boys and 4girls who are all happily married. Am the second to last child of my parents Mr and Mrs Godspower Sapilo. Although, we are much in our family we only have one loving, caring, sweet mom(Mrs Victoria Sapilo) and a darling dad (Mr Godspower Sapilo) who is late though. Speaking, about my childhood, so many people won't believe it but I was raised in warri aka Waff town and it's was really fun....when I say fun, I mean mad fun from the street to church from church to school from school to the Sapilo's House.....i swear, my childhood in warri was a memorable one. Sometimes I just wish we could go back to those
7. Do Your Parents Support What You're Doing?                      my mom's favourite. So she does not hesitate to support anything I do as long as it's make me happy, legal and honourable. 

8. Tell us about your stage name and how it came about.                                
Well, I just use my real name MC Sapilo as my stage name and (E-Celebrity) is also another name most people call me. Well, I've always have this consciousness in me that I am a Celebrity and the 'E' stands for EFEVOTU which mean riches with honour in my local dialect. EFEVOTU is my name most people don't know cause  I really don't use it...because I don't want the name to go extinct, i decide to fine tune it in my stage name too...or I will rather say E-Celebrity is like my Brand name or logo.  

9. Who do you look up to as your role model?
I look up to so many people who have inspired me in one way or the other like the lights of A.Y, Bovi, I go dye, basket mouth kelvin Hart etc but the man I really look up to as a role model is Chris Tucker.

10. What are you working on right now?                       
Well, I have so many things am working on right now but to be a little specific, I want to start some MC/comedy work here in NSUK cause most people haven't really seen me do any of that before...
11. What Inspires You to do what you do?
The feeling that people are happy and blessed actually inspires me and also inspires me to do more.

12. Where Are You Based Keffi Or Abuja? 
Smiles....would have loved to say Abuja but my warri bothers go vex....therefore, I will say I based in warri (Waff town) although I stay in Abuja.

13. Am sure you have one or two shows that you attend, How Do You Create Time to Study?
Honestly, speaking it's not easy that's why I barely go for NSUK shows but creating time for study is not really a big deal is just all about knowing what you really want and setting things in other of priority.

14. I hear you Football, Tell us about your favorite club and player?
Smiles... yea that is true, i love football very well. i used to play football before i got admitted in the university, and as we speak now, i still play football, just for pleasure though. And i still have plans to play professionally in future. My favorite club is Manchester United and my favorite player is Christiano Ranaldo

15. Are You Under Any Record Label?                   
Not really but Am in Taris Models Nigeria where they are trying to groom me into becoming an international VJ because it's also what I love

16. As an upcoming act, what’s your perception about the Nigerian Entertainment industry?
Well, it’s real appalling because the Nigerian Entertainment is one of the best in the world and the best in Africa but they are not really doing their best to encourage upcoming act which is very bad. I believe more and better.

17. What would constitute success for you as an entertainer?                          
My talent and originality. And above all God

18. Three years from now, where do you see yourself?
Well, God's willing and if things go as planned I see my self am the best Comedians/MC in the world.

19. What do you think about NSUK Guide?             
No Hypes....Nsuk Guide is the doing great and without an atom of doubt is the best site ever in NSUK and beyond. Obviously and evidently NSUK Guide is really guiding. And I want to use this medium to send a special shout out to Mr Motion and my brothers who are like my mother's kids (Dako David, JoDee on the Radio, DivineLove Udorji and my Realest Pal the wonder man Ace Wonders).
Mark Motion & E-Celebrity
Interview by
Mark Motion Simon 08036335647

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Sunday, 4 December 2016

Why Many Candidates Couldn't Secure Admission in NSUK

Why Many Candidates Couldn't Secure Admission in NSUK

By Ofim, Kelechi Ofim

The hue and cry that followed the release of the admission list of Nasarawa State University, Keffi, is nothing unusual as Nigerian educational system is “structurally defective” so much so that most of the times, the best are not always “lucky”.

In the quest to accommodate some considerations due to the nature of our society, ensure equity and the challenges of inadequate infrastructure to accommodate the teeming admission seekers, we leave behind more questions trying to dispense justice.

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board, JAMB, outlined three basic criteria for admitting candidates in tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

These include: merit, catchment area and educationally disadvantaged states or what is collectively referred to as “quota system”.

The quota system and the catchment areas are federal government policies formulated to bridge the gap between the educationally developed states and the educationally less developed states.

According to Omeje etal (2016), Universities are guided by admission policies such as quota system, catchment area, carrying capacity, and educationally less developed states, among others. The admission policy requires that a ratio of 60:40 in favor of sciences to arts be maintained. In line with this, the entry qualification is pegged at five credits in not more than two sittings in the O’level exams.

The authors argue that the federal government guidelines for admissions into its institution of higher learning are based on source elements such as academic merit determined by the UME score, and 45% of students’ admissions are allotted to it. Educationally less developed areas are given 20%, catchment areas have 25%, and 10% to the discretion of the Vice Chancellor (NUC; 1999) which is the quota system.

They further state that the implementation implication of this is that 45% of the available spaces are reserved for candidates with very high marks. They are given first consideration for first choices of course and institution before other candidates. The catchment areas have 25%; this is for candidates within the geographical and sociocultural area contiguous to the institution of the candidates’ applications. Some of the federal universities have all the states as their catchment areas, whereas other federal universities have their neighboring states as catchment areas. Invariably, all state-owned institutions have all local government areas as their catchment areas.

But the above rules may only apply strictly at Federal institutions.

In the case of Nasarawa State University, the matter is further complicated by the law establishing the University. As a state owned University, the enabling law stipulates 80:20 percent ratio of indigene to non-indigene, respectively. This is in line with the visions of founding fathers of the University, who created the institution to primarily develop manpower need of the state.

So with all this in place, University administrators always face difficulty in choosing from the pool of candidates seeking admission.

There is also the problem of “carrying capacity”. There are number of students that NUC allocate individual Universities based on their capacity to accommodate and teach them appropriately. The student to lecturer ratio as stipulated by NUC, is 40:1. In fact, had this rule been strictly followed the matter would have been worse. As a matter of fact, the over-admission of students is at the center of the ASUU - Government disagreement that has often led to strike several times. This was how the Earned Academic Allowance came about. That is, extra work beyond the number of students a lecturer is supposed to take.

Our last experience with ASUU brought to fore all this challenges when the Union called for expansion of infrastructure in the University, which is thought to be grossly inadequate to its present students capacity. All things being equal, NSUK probably would admit every candidate, at least for the economic reasons but it doesn't have such liberty due to regulations.

In summary, the problem of denying admission to qualified candidates is a national one. Federal government in a quest to solve it established more Universities and even granted licences to many more private ones, but the problem still persists.

The way it is now, the challenge will still take a long time to resolve because it is a reflection of the sentiments that are expressed nationally which gave birth to what we know as “Federal Character” that is meant to give everyone equal opportunity at the expense of merit, most times.

If Nasarawa State University should admit those who have all the high scores, there is the likelihood that more non indigenes may take most of the spaces or two or three local governments in Nasarawa state will dominate the rest. This would have defeated the purpose for which the University was established.

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Saturday, 3 December 2016



Nasarawa State University, Keffi, has commenced issuance of original certificates to the past six sets of its graduates.

Prof. Mohammed Mainoma, the Vice-Chancellor of the university, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Thursday in keffi, Keffi Local Government Area of the state.

Mainoma said the original certificates of graduates of the institution from 2009 to 2015 were ready adding that interested graduates should apply for them through the office of the Registrar.

“The usual procedure is that an institution will only commence issuance of original certificates to its graduates after convocation is held.

“The fact that the Nasarawa State University, Keffi, has not held convocation for those who graduated from the institution since 2009, does not mean they cannot get their original certificates.

“So, the Senate and other organs of the university have already approved their results and the original certificates have been printed, awaiting graduates to come and collect them,” he added.

Mainoma explained that graduates were not responsible for the inability of the university to hold convocation so they could not be made to suffer the consequences.

“So many organizations had threatened to withdraw the services of our graduates for their inabilities to provide original certificates, hence, the need for this decision,” he said.

Mainoma said that the university was unable to hold its convocation due to financial constraint, adding that the institution was having a shortfall of over N100 million monthly to pay staff salaries.
He added that the institution owed a debt of over N2 billion as allowances for both academic and non-academic staff of the institution since 2011.

Mainoma, however, commended the Nasarawa and Federal Governments for supporting the university in terms of manpower development and provision of infrastructure.
He said there were 13 TET Fund projects in the university, out of which eight had been completed with five ongoing.

Mainoma also said that over 100 staff of the university were currently undergoing various local and international training’s courtesy of TET Fund. (NAN)

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Thursday, 1 December 2016


school of postgraduate studies, nasarawa state university, keffi


Registration Period: 20th November, 2016 16th December, 2016

1. Steps for Screening

A. Payment for Acceptance Fee
>>>Powered by TeamNSUK Guide 08036335647

Visit, under the NSUK PORTAL tab, wait for the page to load, then select "APPLICANT LOGIN". Enter your email address and password (the one specified while creating account during application), if forgotten use the "forget password link" to reset your password via either email for the application or via SMS through the phone number on the application. 
When login is successful, Click on accept admission, you will be required to pay a total of N15,300.00k via or "REMITA PLATFORM" or "E-TRANZACT PLATFORM.
You have the options to pay with any of the following:
Mastercard, Visa Card, Verve Card, and Bank Branch. Select accordingly and provide card details and other details as it may be required. For Bank Branch payment, you wil be required to generate an invoice containing the RRR code and take it to any of the following banks: Ecobank, UBA, Keystone, skye, Unity, First ask through Remita Platform or e-tranzact platform. 

After payment is made, wait a little and return to the website to print your Admission Letter and Screening Form 

B. Departmental Screening/Faculty Screening
Proceed to the Head of Department and Dean of faculty for Screening. 

C. Final Clearance 
Proceed to Secretary, School of Postgraduate School for final clearance to enable you pay your school fees.

Note: if you are changing course do not proceed for this final clearance. Once you are cleared and School Fees paid, you can no longer Change Course Change of Course/Programme if you desire to change course, make sure you do not pay school fees. In your Applicant Portal, make a request for change of course, pay the required fees and on successful payment, download the change of course form and take it for signing. This will be finally approved by Dean of Postgraduate School. Once approved, proceed to Secretary, school of Postgraduate school to effect Change accordingly. You will have to re-print your Admission Letter and Screening Form. 
>>>Powered by TeamNSUK Guide 08036335647

2. Payment of School Fees

Return to NSUK PORTAL TAB on, select POSTGRADUATE PORTAL, then APPLICANT LOGIN". Enter your "email address and "Password". Select Pay School Fees and choose an option on Remita or etranzact. This payment follows the same pattern as in step "1a" above.

Once your payment is completed, a Registration Number is automatically generated for you alongside an (One Time Password) which is required at the next step. 

Note: You will be required to pay additional fees of Portal Access and Internet charges 4,000 alongside the Transaction fees. 
>>>Powered by TeamNSUK Guide 08036335647

3. Profile Update and Course Form Registration
Still on, click on NSUK PORTAL TAB, and select "POSTGRADUATE PORTAL"
On the interface select "STUDENT LOGIN enter the "Registration number generated above alongside the OTP (One Time Password) which you will be required to change. Update your profile by clicking on my Profile (very important). Click "My course Registration Tab" and select "Current session course Registration" to register your courses. 

Then download and make four (4) copies for signing. 

On "My Fee Tab", you can reprint your School Fees Receipt/lnvoices at anytime, on "My Downloads tab" you are expected to download your Student Information Form (SIF) and other archived forms as it may be required
Late Registration: 2nd January 16th January, 2017. (Additional Fees of N10,000.00k)

Please note that the Portal will be closed by mid night 16th January, 2017 and students will only be able to check registered courses. Any add and drop of courses must be done within this registration period. Failure to register within this registration period will amount to forfeiting the Academic Session. 
>>>Powered by TeamNSUK Guide 08036335647

4. Final Documentation at the SPGS registration centre with all copies of documents and credentials. 

5. Proceed to SPGS MIS unit for Biometric Capturing and issuing of ID Card. 

Musa Zhebu Oliver
Secretary SPGS

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