Friday, 31 May 2019

5 Things Successful Students Do, That You Don’t.

Every one craves success. In fact, 99% percent of unsuccessful people actually wish they are or were successful. This is a proven fact. When it comes to scholarship every student wishes to be successful academically, therefore it isn’t rocket science or an eight world wonder to see unsuccessful students envy there successful counterparts.

Success in school goes beyond being academically sound; it has a lot to do with living a balanced life as a student. Not having a dead social life and at the same time maintaining good grades TOO. Not every student is successful, it is believed that one can’t eat his cake and have it, it’s either you are a bookworm or a social freak. That’s a lie, I would share with you here timeless secrets that has kept many successful students successful and living a balanced life…

1) They wake early: this is an open secret; fact is a lot of people know they are supposed to wake early but they don’t. Until they are forced to. Thing is, you can’t be successful if you always sleep in. Successful students know they have an event filled day ahead of them so they wake early. Please, waking early doesn’t mean waking by 6a.m, no, that’s not early. It means waking by 5am or earlier. As a student waking early should be a part of you. Waking early helps you plan your day ahead, it helps you think clearly too and gives you ample time to do some exercises before the day starts.
2) Write their to do list: a to do list is a list of what one wants to do I a day, week, month etc. successful students know what to do and when to do it, this isn’t so difficult, they have a to do list. The successful student has a time to play with friends and joke around, he knows when to go to the library and study, and he knows when to attend a party and when to read all night. This is because he wakes early and plans his day. He writes his to do list. I can bet you don’t write any. Most students don’t have a planned day; they just wake up, dress up and leave the house. This isn’t the first time you are getting to know about a to do list, but you have always underestimated the power. A to do list should be arranged in order of importance and necessity. Writing a to do list is an important part of a successful students life.

3) Stick to their plan: this is where discipline plays a role, successful students don’t just sit down, make a list and go throw a party. No, they stick to the list. Even if they have a hundred things to do on that list, they stick to it and fulfill them by order of importance. Some students make this list, put it in their bag and don’t remember it till they are about to sleep. Some even lose it. Successful students have mastered the act of self control, when they make a list they make sure they do what’s in it. Making a list isn’t difficult, sticking to it is. If you want to be successful, learn to stick to your lists.

4) Prepare for the next day: at the end of the day, successful students prepare for the next day; they wash their clothes, iron them, clean their shoes, and arrange their bags and any other thing they need for the next day. Most students don’t do these; they just wake up and start preparing, this often leads to dirty or haggard clothes. That’s why you see some supposed bookish students come to school with rumpled clothes or odd attires.

5) They don’t discriminate: successful students read what’s necessary and every other thing; they are usually voracious readers who don’t limit themselves to recommended academic texts that are sometimes difficult to understand. A successful student has a wide knowledge base and he can say something about almost everything.

Source: StudentNaija

Thursday, 30 May 2019

Nasarawa State University Keffi (NSUK) To Establish First Institute For European Studies In Nigeria

This is the outcome of a collaboration between the University and the Embassy of the Republic of Poland.

While briefing the University management who were on a familiarization visit to her office in Abuja on Monday 27th May, 2019, the new Polish Ambassador, Joanna Tarnawaska, said the Institute when established will help in the training of staff of diplomatic institutions who are interested in the European Studies and related fields of the European Union.

She revealed that the gesture is as a result of the fact that Poland is Nigeria’s strongest friend in the European Union, promising to visit the University very soon to formalize the Memorandum of Understanding for the take off of the Institute.


On his part the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Suleiman Bala Mohammed, represented by the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Administration), Prof. Ibrahim M. Haruna, while expressing the readiness of the University for the collaboration, also solicited for more interventions in other fields, especially Psychology, Agriculture, Mining and Environmental Studies.

The Lead Facilitator of the visit, and the first Medical Geologist in West Africa (courtesy of the Polish Government), Dr. K’tso Nghargbu, traced the relationship between the Republic of Poland and Nasarawa State University, Keffi, noting that he benefited from the collaboration.

The University delegation also had the Director of Quality Assurance Prof. Andrew Zamani and the Dean Faculty of Environmental Sciences, Prof. Nasiru M. Idris amongst others.


Tuesday, 28 May 2019

2019 UTME Score Upgrade – Everything You Need to Know

First and foremost, there is no such thing as upgrading of UTME results. Following the release of the 2019 UTME results, there has been a large influx of information regarding testimonies of successful UTME score upgrade.

We urge our readers to disregard these testimonies, as they are the work of scammers who are only interested in making money off desperate students. These scammers are sharing fake testimonies on how UTME candidates can upgrade their score on forums, social networking sites and every other means they can get their hands on.

They claim to be are working with JAMB and can help you boost your less than 200 UTME 250 and above. They claim to have met a certain Mr XYZ or Mrs ABC who helped them upgrade their score, and they claim you can also contact the person to ugrade yours too.

These fraudsters have many formats of text they use, below is an example of a format they use. We intercepted this on our site.


You must have come across some of these messages before. Whenever you see anything like upgrading, please don’t even try to reach these people for assistance. They are only interested in taking your hard-earned money.

Do not send your parent’s hard-earned money to (internet) fraudsters in the name of JAMB/UTME score upgrade.

UTME score upgrades don’t exist, if they did, no one would have a low UTME score. Have you sincerely heard of a genuine UTME score upgrade before?

Use the comment section to share your experience with the UTME result upgrade scam. Help prevent other candidates from falling prey to fraudsters.

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Friday, 24 May 2019


Life in its different stages poses different demands for the body and mind. Student life is a challenging one with the pressure of academics and many more unsaid things hovering over one’s mind in the growing up stage.
The urge to face the world, be social, getting used to the bodily changes, hormonal transformations and a volley of other things occupy the mind of an adolescent. There are plenty of things that contribute to making one sluggish during school days, especially when students are back from school. Let us explore and find out the specific reasons. Here are top 8 reasons that make students feel tired once they reach home after school!


When it is the adolescent period, students tend to feel tired, stressed, become couch potatoes and at times low performing — these are all signs of deeper frustrations that they undergo while embracing change. The urge to be accepted socially, the psychological and physiological demands go up and often leads to an irritable temper, grumpiness and tiredness.

Lack of energy is not only the cause of feeling lethargy, students often develop a mind where they dump themselves in their own room, away from family and regular life to accept their growing needs and demands and live a peaceful life.

Hitting the gym, running or exercising can be the last thing that you want to delve into early morning, but it can offer you loads of benefits if you do it right in the best possible way . You might feel the sense of tiredness will grip you, body ache and more if you’re spending time exercising, but know this for sure that the intake of oxygen pumps up the functional power of lungs and hearts, letting you to feel more energized, cutting down levels of fatigue in the long run.

With packed up tuitions, long school hours, classes devoted to extra—curricular activities, you do not need to be a fitness freak, but spending 15 to 20 minutes daily for exercising or every alternative day, can really change you as a person! It will load your body with energy and the flow of nutrients in the body become seamless when you take up exercising!

Iron levels can tend to be low especially in girls. Students with academic pressure, engagement in sports and other extra-curricular activities use up a lot of energy while getting engaged to a number of things.

So the body needs proper support like a rich diet with the inclusion of iron-loaded foods, green leafy veggies, lean meats, pulses, fresh fruits and a variety of citrus fruits scoring high on Vitamin C as part of daily diet. In order to make the body use up energy in the right way with what you eat, inclusion of food rich in Vitamin B can be a feasible option. Choose grains like brown rice, barley, lean proteins, variety of fishes rich in omega- 3 fatty acid, chicken and turkey as a part of regular diet.

Doing away with stress from life is not easy as stress has got to be a part of life no matter how hard you want to negate it. So whether it is personal or academic issues bogging you down in life and making you to store stress, you need to change the frame of your mind. In order to do so, take up anything like yoga, go for a walk, join some classes so that your mind gets diverted a bit and you can channelize your energy in the right way without cluttering your life with loads of stress!

The most common and important thing that students suffer from is improper sleep. If your child is sleeping for only five or six hours at night, it is a source of major concern. A good eight or nine hours sleep is crucial to begin the day on a high note, be productive and stay productive whether studying, engaging in extracurricular activities in school or showing the right signs of absorbing all post school at home.

When students sustain wakefulness for long, the functionality level of the mind and the body cannot remain operational in optimum level for long. So ensuring good sleep is a must. Proper sleep leads to a good immune system and adds loads of freshness to your body and mind.

Coffee is one of the major sleep disrupters, so do make cups of coffee your best partner to put you on your foot for being more active after coming home from school. The brain chemistry is different as it delays the alert response after acting as the booster initially, it slows you down!
So do away with caffeine if you want to keep headaches and irritability at bay. Addiction to caffeine is a habit some high students often get into because they want more hours of wakefulness to study, but it is not a healthy option at all!


Making the body to remain hydrated is one tip that students must follow. When there is as less as 2% loss of body’s water content, it shows in the dipping down of the energy levels. The thirsty feeling, drop in pressure level, in turn, depletes the flow of blood in brains and muscles. When fluid levels go down, headaches, loss of energy and break in concentration are the common discrepancies that you will observe.

Going digitally unplugged is one of the blessings that this generation often fail to realize. The most important thing is that we often undermined how technology apart from the abundant advantages that it has brought to us, has come up with its share of disadvantages, also. Technology has eaten into our personal space and there are no two ways about it!
So staying away from all devices starting from laptops, computers to compulsive fidgeting with smartphones especially an hour before going to sleep, counts! Students must know how to put to effective use the option to log off from the digital world. Remaining in front of any digital device or continuously shuffling with one screen and switching to the other can lead to a number of problems for students like:

  • Lack of concentration in studies
  • Sleep problems
  • Feeling tired all through the day

Students must know how to be socially responsible in the virtual world and cut down on the time spent on different social networking channels and invest in studying, taking rest and do all that can shape up their body and mind for upping their productivity quotient.

With examinations at the drop of a hat getting into curriculum in most schools coupled with assignments and homework becoming the order of the day, students must be in good health and spirit to excel in the educational sphere. However, when loads of assignments get piled up, professional homework help companies can offer complete assistance to students in the most professional way.

Thursday, 23 May 2019

Importance of Lecture Note Taking

NOTE TAKING. Why take notes in class?

    Organized notes will help you identify the core of important ideas in the lecture.
    A permanent record will help you to learn and remember later.
    The lecture may contain information not available anywhere else. This will be your only chance to learn it.
    Lecture is where you learn what your instructor thinks is important, and he makes up the exams.
    Class assignments are usually given in the lecture.
    The underlying organization and purpose of the lecture will become clear through note taking.

        Make some preparation for the lecture so that you will be more likely to predict the organization of the lecture.
            CHECK THE COURSE OUTLINE to see if the lecturer has listed the topic or key ideas in the upcoming lecture. If so, convert this information into questions to be answered in the lecture.
            BEFORE THE LECTURE, complete outside reading or reference assignments.
            REVIEW THE TEXT ASSIGNMENT and any reading notes taken.
            REVIEW NOTES from the previous lecture.
        Sit as near to the front of the room as possible to eliminate distractions.
        Copy everything on the blackboard and transparencies, especially the outline.
        Have a proper attitude. Listening well is a matter of paying close attention. Be prepared to be open-minded to what the lecturer may say even though you may disagree with it.
        Have your lecture paper and pencil or pen ready.
        Write down the title of the lecture, the name of the course and the date.
        Watch the speaker carefully.
        Listen carefully to the introduction (if there is one). Hear the lecture. By knowing his outline, you will be better prepared to anticipate what notes you will need to take.
        Be brief in your note taking. Summarize your notes in your own words, not the instructor’s. Remember: your goal is to understand what she is saying, not to try to record exactly everything she says.
        Try to recognize main ideas by signal words that indicate something important is to follow. Examples: “First, Second, Next, Then, Thus, Another important…,” etc.
        Jot down details or examples that support the mainideas. Give special attention to details not covered in the textbook.
        If there is a summary at the end of the lecture, pay close attention to it. You can use it to check the organization of your notes. If your notes seem disorganized, copy down the main points covered in the summary. It will help in revising your notes later.
        At the end of the lecture, ask questions about points you did not understand.
        Don’t be in a rush. Be attentive, listen and take notes right up to the point at which the instructor dismisses you. If you are gathering together your personal belongings when you should be listening, you’re bound to miss an important point–perhaps an announcement about the next exam!        
        Revise your notes as quickly as possible, preferably immediately after the lecture since at that time you will still remember a good deal of the lecture.
        During the first review period after the lecture, coordinate reading and lecture notes.
        Review your lecture notes AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK. Also, review the lecture notes before the next lecture.

Source: StudentNaija

Wednesday, 22 May 2019

11 Easy Ways To Get A Scholarship Abroad

Many educational institutions and universities give free scholarships and grants to students from around the world studying abroad in countries like U.K, Austria,Australia, China , Canada and the United States etc. This includes virtually all accredited public, nonprofit and privately-owned–for-profit post-secondary institutions.

Any hesitation about studying abroad is typically related to the cost. However, what most students don’t know is that they can actually apply their current on-campus financial aid package to their study abroad trip in addition to scholarships. In fact, for some students, particularly those who pay out-of-state-tuition, studying abroad can sometimes be cheaper than a traditional on-campus semester. A study abroad scholarship is a monetary award for students to use toward the expenses of their program such as travel, course, credits, books and lodging. Students must apply for scholarships and some can be very competitive while others are underutilized. There are several types of study abroad scholarships to apply for such as:

Merit-based: These awards are based on a student’s academic, artistic, athletic or other abilities, and often factor in an applicant’s extracurricular activities and community service record. It’s important to note that qualifications will vary based on the particular scholarship.

Student-specific: These are scholarships for applicants who initially qualify based on factors such as gender, race, religion, family and medical history, or many other student-specific factors. Minority scholarships are the most common awards in this category, but qualifications will vary based on the particular scholarship.

Destination-specific: These are scholarships awarded by a country to students planning to pursue a study abroad program in that particular country. They are awarded as an incentive to study in that country instead of elsewhere. Check with government-sponsored travel websites of the country where you wish to study to see what scholarships are available.

Program-specific: Program-specific scholarships are offered by individual study abroad programs and/or the colleges and universities where they may be associated to qualified applicants. These scholarship are often given on the basis of academic and personal achievement, but qualifications will vary based on the particular scholarship. Check with your study abroad program and university to see what scholarships are available.

Subject-specific: Subject-specific scholarships are awarded by study abroad programs or institutions to students based on their particular major or field of study. These scholarships may require the recipients to enroll in subject-specific courses while abroad or conduct subject-specific research while abroad, but it’s important to note that qualifications will vary based on each scholarship.

Source: Studentnaija

Tuesday, 21 May 2019

5 Reasons Students Join Cults on Campus in Their First Year

Cultism remains a threat on campus and here are five reasons why some students become members of cult groups easily in their first year.

Before cultism spilt into the streets, its base of operation lay in the secret corners in Nigerian Universities and Polytechnics.

It should be stated that confraternities should not be mistaken for secret cults. In the 50s, confraternities were created with noble ideas and objectives.

A generation later, Nigerian campuses would begin to see violent activities from secret cults. By the time the 90s hit, secret cults in universities would be a scourge. They became a threat to school authorities.

We are far from the dark days in the 1990s but secret cults still persist in our ivory towers.
Why do undergraduates join secret cults? The reasons are many but here are five of them;

1. Protection
Every association has something it promises its members. Protection is the foremost promise cult groups offer their “Jews” as one of the campus cult groups would call their new catches.
Of course, no student would like to be on campus to suffer. And getting protection from friends is an idea innocent students would gladly embrace.

Meanwhile, where naive students walk into such groups not knowing the meaning of protection the group is offering them, others walk into the group knowing fully well that being a cult member covers them under a protective umbrella of a secret association.


2. Power
Power gives you wings. Wings that can make you fly above everyone else on campus and lord your presence over everyone. This is the kind of narrative some cult groups deploy to lure innocent students into their midst.
And any student who feels having such power would make him cut corners, escape lecturers punishments and feel like a lord among his peers would buy the rhetoric and get initiated in no time.

3. Revenge
The distasteful sweet feeling  that comes with harming someone in return for an injury is what propelled some students to join cult gang.
The need to exert revenge on a campus bully, lecturer, or a fellow student who wronged another is a prominent reason for joining among cult members.
This explains why there is always a reprisal attack each time a cult group strikes another. In fact, revenge among cult groups is a horrible game of numbers.

4. Low Self-esteem
The quest to find a way to express oneself could lead a student with low self-esteem to join cult group to feel important. Cultism offers a fertile ground for such students to find ugly confidence in violence and dastardly acts.

5. Peer Influence
Peer pressure has been identified as one of the reasons why undergraduates joint cults. Once a students is initiated it is incumbent for him to persuade his friends to see reasons why being a campus big boy is tied to being a cult member.

Source: Studentnaija

Saturday, 18 May 2019

How To Manage Your Finances As A Student

1. Have a Monthly Budget
This is very important in managing your finances. If you set yourself an allocated amount to spend each month, then you will be able to track how much you are spending per year. This will help you to plan how much money you need to live and will enable you to find out if you can keep to this monthly budget. The best part is that if you under spend per month than your fixed budget allows you to, then you will be saving money for you to use elsewhere!

2. Keep Emergency money 
Having Emergency money is a highly rated tip which we recommend. It’s always good to have emergency cash which is not part of your budget. This way, if you ever have any issues or emergency situations, then you have that allocated amount to help you through your situation. On the other hand, you would be saving this allocated amount if you don’t spend it!

3. Have a Student Bank Account
Student bank accounts are a great way of managing your student finances. Your overdraft is there to help you manage how much extra money you may need in an emergency situation. The actual account is great to see how much you are spending as you can go into your bank to get a statement of how much you have spent. From this statement, you can see if you are spending too much money.

4. Write Down Your Costs
Writing down your costs is a great way of tracking your finances. Simply writing down how much you have spent will enable you to work out if you are spending too much money.

5. Review Your Bank Statements
Reviewing your bank statements every week will enable you to work out how much you are spending per month. This then allows you to decide on whether you want to increase your spending or whether you want to decrease your spending. Either way, this will help you manage your finances properly.

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Friday, 17 May 2019

Event: See YCEE Live In Nasarawa State University

Multiple Award Wining Rapper YCEE AKA Omo Alhaji Storms Nasarawa Stae University For One Of The Biggest Show The University Has Seen This Year Tagged "See Ycee Live In NSUK"

The “Jagaban” And “Juice” Crooner Will Be Performing Live On Friday, 7th June 2019 At The New Thearter Arts Complex In Nasarawa State University Keffi And This Event Will Definitely Be The Most Talked About This Semester So You Can't Miss Out

Guest Artistes
J-Swissy | Sage | Movak | Ninx-B | Kappachino | Elbo

Music Performance By
Ninee | Jprinz | ND2 | Esdee | J.O.B | Jbradas | Fresh20 | Nas Prince | Dayo Sounds | TY Ayaaga | Mantex | Jimmystrawberry And More

Music Policy By 
Dj Lj | Dj Koko | Dj Zubby

Regular: N1500 | Early Birds: N1000

N50k Limited 
(Comes With Bottle Of Henessey VSOP)

Date: Friday, 7th June 2019
Time: 4PM!

New Thearter Arts Complex NSUK

For Enquires Or Ticket And Table Reservations, Contact
08051542070 | 08108579052 | 07012917274
I Can't Wait To See Ycee Live In NSUK!

How to Study Maths: Tips for Solving Maths Problems

Tips for solving Maths problems
Math is different than any other subject. It’s objective, employs specific procedures, involves symbols and formulas, and it has a vocabulary all of its own. Consequently, the study skills you need to succeed in math are also unique. Although there is no one right way to study math, the following are a few of the most important things, tips and study skills you need to know in order to do well in math.

Math requires active learning.
Unlike some academic subjects, you can’t excel or even become proficient at math by just listening and reading. Math requires actively doing. Consequently, to learn math you must do all your homework and assignments. If you don’t do your homework or complete your assignments you won’t memorize the formulas or internalize the procedures required to become really proficient in math.
Some people think they’re just not good at math. Our experience indicates that most people can do math, however, most people really need to work in order to become proficient at math. While studying a couple hours for a history exam at the end of the term is usually sufficient, math requires routine studying and daily learning. Anyone who isn’t willing to get actively involved in the process of learning math, is going to struggle.

Math is cumulative.
Math is a very sequential subject. What you learn one day builds on what you learned previously and is required to support future learning. It’s like building blocks. If you miss any of the building blocks you can’t progress. This is why with math it’s so easy for students to fall behind if they miss school or don’t complete homework on time. While cramming can help you pass tests in other academic subjects, it will do very little to help you pass your math tests.
As you progress through school, you’ll also find that one math class builds upon another. For example, without successfully completing high school algebra it may be very difficult to understand college algebra. You can’t perform poorly one year and expect to excel the next. You’ll have to go back and re-learn previous math concepts and subjects you neglected to learn in previous years.

Focus on the principles.
In most secondary and lower-level college history classes being able to memorize names, dates and events is all you need to pass. However, with math you’ll find that rote memorization of formulas and equations won’t cut it. Yes, you do need to be able to memorize information, but that’s just the beginning. More importantly you need to know how to use formulas, understand how equations work and apply mathematical processes.

Math involves so many formulas, equations and procedures that it can be difficult to remember everything. Don’t try and memorize everything. With math, understanding is more important than knowledge. When you start taking advanced mathematics classes in college, some professors may allow you to take a list of formulas with you to your tests. Others may even provide open book tests. All the knowledge in the world won’t help you if you don’t understand mathematical principles. Focus on developing a good understanding of all the major concepts initially.
Many procedures used for solving one mathematical problem can be used to solve other math problems. As you progress in your math, try and apply what you’ve learned previously to each new math problem you encounter.

Learn the vocabulary.
Math has a vocabulary all of its own. Additionally, many commonly used words have different meaning when used in association with math. Take the time to create a math vocabulary log where you note down and define each new math vocabulary term you encounter.
Many students quickly come to the conclusion that they just aren’t cut out for math or that they just can’t understand it. This is very rarely the case. Math requires patience, discipline, and dedication. If you dedicate yourself, believe in yourself, and put in the effort you will make it through math – and you might even find that you really like it.

Math grows in complexity and difficulty.
Math becomes increasingly complex over time. Consequently, many students have to spend more time studying math than they do other subjects in order to succeed. It’s not uncommon to spend several hours a night studying math once you get into college algebra, trigonometry, and calculus. So if studying math is consuming all your time, you’re not alone.

Note taking.
Students often write down what they see the professor or instructor write down. Unfortunately, most professors and instructors neglect to write down every important concept they discuss. Unless otherwise instructed, you should focus your note taking around key concepts and formulas that are discussed during class.
Include in your note taking any explanatory remarks made by the instructor. These are often never written down by the instructor yet are key to fully understanding the math principle or concept being discussed.

Take copious notes on formulas or concepts the instructor emphasizes, as these are likely to show up on future quizzes and tests. And again, if the instructor says something you don’t understand, raise your hand and ask for clarification. We also recommend making a list within your notes of those concepts that you’re struggling with so you can go back later and get additional help.
Immediately after class, review your notes. Take a moment to make sure you understand everything you wrote down while the lecture is still fresh in your mind.

Homework is key to learning.
Math is one subject that usually requires homework. Math homework is not intended to make life miserable. It’s simply necessary if you want to develop good reasoning and problem solving skills.
Most people do not understand math instantly after hearing an instructor’s lecture. To learn math you must experience it. You must work out mathematical problems and apply what you’ve learned. Homework provides students the opportunity to really learn how math works by in theory and in practice.

maths-img.jpgHomework is most effective when it’s completed while the lecture is still fresh in your mind. While there’s nothing wrong with waiting to complete your homework until later in the evening, sometimes completely math assignments in between classes, during lunch or right after school while the concepts are still fresh in your mind is most effective.
One of the biggest problems students have when completing math homework is that they don’t read the notes and/or text associated with the assignment or individual problems. Many students will quickly attempt to solve a math problem and then give up when they can’t see how to do it. Reading all the instructions and notes prior to each homework assignment is necessary to completely math homework problems.

When it comes to math homework, the answer isn’t always what the instructors is most interested in seeing. Most math instructors are more interested in how you arrive at your answer than the answer itself. When completing math homework, always show your work. Present the steps you took to arrive at your answer in an organized, logical manner. Many math instructors will give partial credit for answers as long as you show your work. Alternatively, some math instructors will not give any credit for a write answer, if work is not included.

How to ace problem solving.
The following are tips for how to go about solving math problems.
Read the problem. Read the problem carefully and make sure you understand what is being asked.
Re-read the problem. Now read the problem again and note down what you are given and what you’re being asked to find.

What is the problem asking for? Write down in your own words exactly what it is the question is asking you solve or find.
Write down what you know. Now go back through the problem and write out the information, facts and figures provided in a organized format.

Draw a diagram. If applicable, develop a diagram that more fully represents the problem. Drawing a well thought out diagram often suggests a solution.
Put together a plan. Identify any formulas that may help you solve the problem. Figure out what you’re going to need to work the problem. Often there are intermediate steps/answer that you’ll need to complete before arriving your final answer.

Find an example problem. If you’re having a difficult time getting your mind around the problem, try finding a similar problem that you do understand, or that has already been worked out. Work the simpler problem and then go back and work the harder, yet similar, problem.
Carry out your plan. Once you have a good grasp on what’s being asked and what needs to be accomplished, work your plan. Make sure to show your work, step by step, so your instructor can see your reasoning and logic – and so that you can go back and check your work.

Check your answer. Sometimes your first answer isn’t the correct answer. Does the answer you came up with make sense? If you’re able to plug your answer back into the original problem do so. This will let you know if your answer is correct.

Review the problem. Once you’ve settled on an answer, go back and review the problem one last time paying attention to the concepts, formulas and principles that were required to come up with your solution. This will help you internalized what you’ve learned and prepare you to tackle more challenging math problems.

Get some help.
Ask for help if you need it. Use your teacher, other students or a tutor if necessary. Learning math is much easier if you’ll take advantage of the knowledge and experience of others.
Do not wait until the last minute to get help. Math is cumulative. So if you miss a concept, you’re likely to get behind really quickly.

Don’t be scared to ask questions in class. If you don’t understand a concept, chances are there are a lot of other students who don’t understand the concept either. Don’t worry about what other people will think or how you might look. If you don’t understand something, raise your hand, ask a question and get clarification. If there isn’t enough time during class to get the clarification you need, visit the instructor during office hours or after class.

Availing yourself of study groups is a very good idea for studying math. With a study group of 4 or more people chances are that at least one person will have a good understanding of a math concept and can explain it to the rest of the group. Having the opportunity to explain complex math concepts to others also helps to solidify your own understanding of the concept. All around, study groups can be very beneficial for studying math.

Source: Studentnaija
Hope you find it helpful and interesting?
Expect another tip that will make you excel as a student of knowledge.

TeamNSUKGuide is always there for you!!!

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All students want to get good grades and succeed in school, but it gets tough when you have so much homework and tests to prepare for, including your social life you have to maintain so you don’t hurt yourself. To help you study smarter, here are  helpful tips to help you pass on University.
Talk with your Instructor, level adviser, counselor during Office Hour.

Most students never visit their teachers during office hours. Office hours are a great time to get clarification on concepts taught in class and also to discuss challenges to face as a student, it is also a great way to get advice on studying for tests . Most  reasonable teachers love when students visit them because it means you’re interested in learning and getting your grades. Don’t be like other students—meet with your teachers on a regular basis. If you can’t meet with them during office hours, try talking with them during class breaks or right before or after class.

Get a Study Partner from Class
It’s not a bad idea to study with another student in your class, especially before a final exam or class assessment tests. Study partners can be extremely helpful because they can help clarify subjects taught in class. They might have also written down some notes you might have missed. They also can be great proofreaders for your class assignments or projects. But avoid being distracted.

Use Flash Cards
If your class requires memorization of key terms or concepts, make flash cards. As it is popularly seen as a child’s learning top, flash cards are very helpful in retention. Flash cards can help you learn concepts quicker because you can study the cards wherever you are. All you need is a big pack of flash cards and a rubber band. Just remember to just have one main point or concept on each card. Don’t make the mistake of putting too much data on a card, it would lose its effect
card, it would lose its effect.

Highlight Your Books when studying – . Get an highlighting pen and use it to highlight important concepts in your book. Highlighting important parts of your textbooks will help you quickly review your textbook later. Former notes from students can really help identify key concepts.

Write in Your Textbook
One of the best ways to learn is by going  in depth in your study material. You can get involved by writing notes in you textbooks. Circle important words. Underline vital concepts. Write down questions in the margin. Summarize key concepts and write them down on the page. The more you write, the more you’ll probably learn.

Get in touch frequently with your class mates
Get the contact information from at least two other students in class. You never know when you’ll miss a class, and it’s nice to have someone to call to find out what happened. This is a must for any student.
Succeeding in school takes work, but if you study smart by using the tips above, you’ll have a much easier time.

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NSUK Faculty Presidents' Forum Meets with School Management, SUG Election to Hold First Week of June



                                     WITHDRAWAL OF PEACEFUL DEMONSTRATION

The above addressed forum wishes to inform the general public that her earlier scheduled peaceful protest have been withdrawn today being 16th may 2019.

This decision was made after the forum had a lengthy meeting with the school management where they reassure us of their total commitment to ensure that the supremacy of the constitution prevail by conducting election on the first week of June 2019. In our own part, we assure you that all the effort made by some enemies of democracy within the varsity to evade democratic election have been defeated as the general election is holding first week on June 2019.

Lastly we urge you all to remain calm, law abiding, and keep your aspirations and hope alive as we will never allow your fundamental right to be negotiated neither we will compromise on your mandate.

Aluta continua, Victoria Acerta!!!

Comr. Ismail .Z. Ismail
P.R.O (Faculty Presidents' Forum)


Saturday, 11 May 2019

JAMB Officially Releases 2019/2020 Results, Withholds 34,120 Results

This is to inform the general that the Joint Admission & Matriculation Board (JAMB) has just released  her 2019/2020 candidates results.

From the statistics obtained from JAMB office, 1,792,719 Results have been uploaded online for candidates to check, while 34,120 Results were withheld over Gross Exam Malpractice.

The JAMB Registrar, as TeamNSUKGuide Crew gathered, also stated that 15,145 results were withheld for further clarification.

This was just announced in the meeting currently holding in Abuja.

Results filtering in suggests that for candidates to successfully check their result, they can follow the steps below;


1. Get a phone with the number you used to register.

2. Open text message, and send an SMS with the word "RESULT" to 55019

3. You will get a response with your 2019 JAMB Results.

4. SMS charge will cost you #50.

TeamNSUKGuide says Congrats To our brothers and sisters that took place in the exam, whose results have been uploaded..

Friday, 10 May 2019

NUT to JAMB: Release Results of Candidates Found Innocent

Nigerian Union of Teachers(NUT) has appealed to the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) to release the results of the candidates who were not involved in examination malpractices during the 2019 UTME’s examinations. Its chairman for Lagos State wing, Mr Adesina Adedoyin, made the appeal on Tuesday in Lagos in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN). The union said the release should be for candidates who wrote the 2019 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examinations (UTME) and were found to be innocent. He said that the examination body should sieve the chaff from the grain as quickly as possible. Adedoyin said that the level of malpractice in the conduct of the 2019 UTME was as a result of the societal problems confronting the country, which included corruption.  “The delay in releasing the results is going to affect the innocent students negatively.  “Those that did not cheat during the examinations should not be punished for the offences they did not commit.  “By the time JAMB will ask them to come and re-write the examination, they may not perform better as they did earlier,” he said. He also alleged that those who supervised and those who conducted the examinations were part of the problem. The NUT chairman wondered why they could not apprehend those who cheated while the examinations were ongoing then. According to him, malpractice cannot be done without any inducement. Adedoyin also said that some parents would always do anything to make sure that their children passed any examinations.  “To those who offered inducements then, it was a bad act; and to those who received, it was also a very bad act.  “They are parts of those creating problems for our system because they are part of the Nigeria society,” he said. Adedoyin also faulted JAMB’s policy and guidelines which stated that if the number of candidates that cheated in an examination was more than the number of candidates that failed, then the examination should be cancelled. He also condemned the policy that stated that another examination should be conducted in such a centre. The NUT chairman said that such a policy was anti-people and should be abolished.  “Unfortunately, there is nothing anybody can do since it is JAMB’s policy, but I must say that the policy is anti-people. “The examination body should have sieved the chaff from the grain. It should have identified the culprits and bring them to book.’’ Adedoyin said that if those found wanting would be allowed to rewrite the examinations, then the results of candidates who were innocent should be released. The NUT chairman said that the adoption of Computer Based Testing (CBT) mode by JAMB had not assisted in reducing cheating during its examinations. He said that the mode which was introduced with the aim of reducing cheating and examination malpractices among candidates appeared to be failing and not so effective. He said that meant that the examinations conducted using CBT were flawed in validity and reliability.  “The incident with the 2019 UTME implies that the validity and reliability of that examination must be put to test.  “If there was cheating as being alleged in the last UTME examination that adopted the CBT mode, despite the cameras and the software JAMB installed, then people will gradually be losing confidence in its efficiency,” he said.
Power grid collapses, outage spreads

The national electricity grid crashed on Wednesday afternoon, significantly reducing bulk power available for distribution across the 11 Distribution Companies (DisCos), NSUKGUIDE reports.
The collapse is coming a day after the national grid rose to 5,114 megawatts (MW) which it had not reached for over two months.

Although this is the first collapse recorded this month, there at least two major collapse in April, with one reducing the grid to 180MW. As at Wednesday morning, the grid was 4,212MW before the collapse occurred.
Reacting to this, a statement from the spokesman of Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC), Oyebode Fadipe said the grid challenge reduced its allocation to 20MW. “In the circumstance, we are unable to service our customers. We apologise for the inconvenience this may be causing our customers,” it told customers across Kogi, Abuja, Nasarawa and Niger States.

Equally, Kaduna Electric said the collapse of the national grid interrupted in power supply in Kaduna, Kebbi, Sokoto and Zamfara states where it operates.
Its head of Corporate Communication, Abdulazeez Abdullahi in a statement said, “At about 2:33PM today (yesterday) 8 May 2019 the national grid suffered system collapse, consequently, power supply to all our franchise states was interrupted.”
“Normal supply shall be restored as soon as the grid is back up. We regret any inconvenience this may cause all our customers,” it added.

Friday, 3 May 2019

NSUK Matriculates 6,183 Students for 2018/2019 Academic Session (Pictures)

It is today Friday, 3rd May, 2019 that NSUK Matriculates her newly admitted students for the 2018/2019 academic session

A total of 6,183 candidates on Friday 3rd May, 2019 took matriculation oath to be law abiding Students of Nasarawa State University, Keffi.

The Vice Chancellor, Prof. Suleiman Bala Mohammed, congratulated the new intakes while urging them to work hard and shun all anti-social behaviours.

He warned that any student who violates the rules and regulations will be strictly penalized, as the University has zero tolerance for unethical conducts, including examination malpractice, cultism, drug abuse, prostitution among others.

Credit: NSUK Information Protocol Unit

I am Alieyou_Abokie.... Reporting

NSUK V.C Announces Automatic Employment For Best Graduating Students

Henceforth, any graduating student with the best grade will be automatically employed in the University, the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Suleiman Bala Mohammed, has announced.

The Vice Chancellor disclosed this while addressing the newly admitted students of Nasarawa State University, Keffi at the orientation ceremony organized by the Directorate of Guidance and Couseling to acquaint the new students of “dos and don'ts” in the University environment.

He said the policy is to encourage the students to work hard and become beneficiaries of the opportunity, as well as to create an environment for homegrown intellectuals for the University.

Prof. Suleiman noted that the new students are very dear to him, because they were the first set he would be matriculating as Vice Chancellor.

“It is a great privilege to me as you'll be the first set of students I will be matriculating.

“You are one of the lucky few out of over twenty thousand candidates that applied for admission into this University.

“Let me tell you that your admission is authentic, genuine and correct because you went through the JAMB Central Admission Processing System (CAPS), and so there will be no need for regularization of your admission in the future”, he assured.

The Vice Chancellor used the opportunity to charge the student to be of good conduct and shun all unethical behaviours, as there will be dire consequences for anyone caught engaging in such acts.

“There is no room for unethical conducts. No room for sale of handouts by (lecturers). No room for examination malpractice, drug peddling and stealing (for students)”, he warned.

Prof. Suleiman invited the students to join in the vanguard to make the University a truly world class institution by ensuring that they shun all social vices and work hard to earn good grades.

“I have great plans for this University - to make it a world class institution where the graduates can work anywhere in the world.

“We'll do this if we have a university culture that is guided by rules and regulations, where ICT drives teaching and learning”.

The Vice Chancellor as part of his strategic plan to nurture a 21st century institution, said the University's ICT infrastructure is currently and entirely being overhauled, saying that in the next few months students will enjoy a campus wide internet connectivity.

Credit: NSUK Information Protocol Unit


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