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How to Win Election on Campus

How to Win Election on Campus

Written by Tobi Idowu edited by Simon, Markus Yila.

Do not Keep your ambition to yourself for long
It sounds very awkwardly strange. Yes. How can a serious politician keep his ambition to his own heart alone? Except if you set out to lose. You have every thinkable chance of losing if you fail to recreate and reduplicate your ambitions in the hearts of your trusted allies first; and then, having had your allies on your ambitious sides, you start courting the hearts of others through every means possible. Do not let your friends and other people know so soon that you are interested in your coveted post. 

Be conscious of your reputation.
Why should you in the first place? Give a damn about what people think about you. Their thoughts matter. 

As much as you can, work on your courtesy.
Self-explanatory, I guess. Be known as that person who always greets, and returns greetings.
Is it not sickening when heaven-knows stranger just accosts you on your way to class in order to exchange pleasantries or greet you?
So, you should avoid being what you preach against. Greet even when it is not necessary.

Form a Team
How student politicians care so much for numbers in their ranks! Then you start hearing, team-this, team-that. You definitely do need a team. A one-man team will lose. Know what you want to run for. Get your form and your team when it is time.
Then, rest assured, you are good to go.

Please, be plainspoken.
This is very important.
Politicians are known for being deliberately evasive and ambiguous.
This is because they like to cloud their meanings in such a way that 100 people can get 100 different meanings from what they say. They could use meanings that suit different people at different times. This is bad, fellow. Speak directly. Promise if you can; do not promise if you cannot. Why should you promise twenty things because your rival promised fifteen when you know you can only promise one!

Never compromise, especially on your principles.
Politics is a strange field where strange things happen.
It is a field where people who are known for some admirable principles soon lose such lofty ideals in the name of political compromise. How bad! Fellow, you do not have to be.
There is no two ways about it. Some deluded folks would insist they can still keep their hands clean while playing politics; well, keep shielding your rumps from the wind because it will sooner be exposed!

Those recipes for success at the poll will go along a way to sealing your fate in the election you are participating in. However, there are still many other recipes which may be visited in subsequent pieces. Till then, keep winning. No, losing.



By: Mohammed Nabil

The Nasarawa State University, Keffi SUG general election which has been schedule to hold on the 29th June 2019 has been postponed by the Independent Electoral Commission (IELCOM).

This is contained in an internal memo release by the  chairman, Ibrahim Babayidi Maikasuwa and made available to NSUKGuide correspondence. 

According to him, the postponement come with conceptualized issues associated with the forthcoming SUG election. 

He says the election has now been shifted to the third week of second semester, and a precise date has been fixed before then, However the sales of forms has been extended to 6/7/2019.

He therefore call all the aspirants to remain calm and be law abiding, as they await the new timetable for the election process which will be communicated in due time.

This report was compiled by Nabil Jibril and edited by Simon, Markus Yila (Mark Motion). Nabil Jibril is a 400 Level student, in the Department Mass Communication  NSUK

Monday, 17 June 2019


The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) held their meeting about the begining of PostUTME registeration number and Examination. The Meeting was held today been 12th June, 2019 as scheduled.

The meeting was successful and everything were put together. Jamb narrated how this year PostUTME registeration and examination will be conducted.

The chairman, Benjamin informed the candidates to start preparing for the examination as soon as possible.

This year general cutoff Mark is not a guarantee that you will get admission but it means that you have to as well prepare for the postutme. Some schools do screening which involves checking your jamb result, o'level and all your documents. While some conduct postutme.
You have to be prepared all the time. Schools chooses their method randomly and hence you have to be ready.

During the meeting, the boards agreed that the postutme registeration will commence on first week of July so that it will enable all the schools to round up their section and get ready for this year admission.
Candidates are to be ready before the ending of June and get their necessary documents for the exercise like
1. Jamb Original Result
2. O'level Results ( WAEC and NECO or any other examination exercise approved by Jamb)
3. Birth certificate
4. Identification letter from your state of origin
5. Jamb slip
6. Testimonial
7. Passport (white or red background)

The registeration will last for two weeks, follows by examination and admission.
We want to make sure that this jamb will be successful and equally round up on time.
The postutme registeration fees will not be more than #2000, so all schools both federal and state Universities, Polytechnics or college of education are should not increase any fees.
All the candidates should co-operate and prepare themselves.
Change of course and Institution is still going on for those of you that wish to change their course or Institution.



Vacancy: Student Blogger Needed

In a bid to serve our student community better TeamNSUKGuide is currently in need of student bloggers who will be employed and able to able to write, edit, post, and promote interesting blogs post about campus news, students real life experiences, general informational updates and trending issues that will keep the audience engaged on daily basis. Right persons will be paid monthly.

In the Following Categories
1.) Education (Local and Nationally)
2.) News (Local and Nationally)
3.) Comedy, Music and Movie gists


  • Must be a current student of Nasarawa State University, Keffi. (100-200Levels Preferably)
  • Must be computer literate and able to understand how to blog and post contents (experience will be an added advantage)
  • Must be able to write compelling articles with catchy headlines.
  • Must be industrious, resourceful and able to prioritize and meet deadlines.. 
  • Must be able to think outside the box and fuel innovations to help the Media Home actualize its goals and visions.
  • Must keep up with trends and should post verified contents that they can defend.
  • Must be a leader and be able to work alone without supervision but also flexible enough to be a team player.
  • Must be ready to show evidence of (Links to) their previous blogging experience.
  • Must understand the social media and how to effectively use it to get readership for their articles and posts in addition to the Coy’s adverts.
  • Must own a Personal computer or a gadget that will be blog friendly and enable the applicant be online to monitor comments on their articles and reply if and when necessary.

How to Apply

Simply send a one paragraph message via whatsapp to this number 07054957099 stating your interest and what make you think you are the most suitable candidate for the job.


Sunday, 9 June 2019

Nasarawa Varsity To Establish College Of Medicine

Prof. Suleiman Mohammed, the new Vice Chancellor of Nasarawa State University, Keffi, has announced plan to establish College of Medicine in the institution

Mohammed disclosed this in an interview with newsmen on Friday in Nasarawa, Nasarawa Local Government Area of the state. He said that the proposed college would help tackle medical practitioner’s deficit and to improve the health status of the people of the state and country at large.

“The establishment of the college of medicine in the institution will go a long way in producing qualified medical doctors and practitioners. “It will also improve on the health status and lives of the people of the state. “Apart from the legacy I want to leave on ground, we also realised that the society is dynamic and there is growing needs in this areas of specialisation

“There is also massive deficit in the medical and paramedic’s staff; we want to close that gap so that we will have more qualified medical practitioners and paramedics in the state,” he said. Mohammed added that the importance of the college and other science courses cannot be overemphasised to healthcare delivery, hence the need for the plan. “My plan is to bring the college of medicine and the faculty of engineering. I am aware that these are very huge faculty and college. “But I believe that with some level of planning, we should be able to achieve that in order to improve on the health status of our people,” he said.

The vice chancellor also promised to give attention to other already established courses in the institution, considering their importance to the nation’s development. “I want to assure that I have the commitment to make the institution centre of excellence in the country. “For example, if you are talking about courses like law and sociology, among others in Nigerian institutions, you should be able to count the university as among the best institutions, that is my plan,” he said.

Mohammed also assured of his desire to give topmost priority to the welfare of the students and staff to improve their standard of living. He said that the management would continue to be committed by providing an enabling environment for teaching and learning to improve the standard of education in the state. He however solicited for support from all and sundry to enable him carry the university to the greater height.


Saturday, 8 June 2019

7 Advantages Of Attending A Public University In Nigeria

Here in Nigeria, there are two categories of universities,
— Public Universities
— Private Universities

But my focus is on the former. According to statistics by the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board ,over 95% of Nigerian admission seekers fill in for Public universities with Federal schools having the highest chunk, they has to be a reason for this one-sided imbalance, the reasons are not far fetched. Simply because there are lots of benefits attached to attending a public university. Here are the benefits :-

1.Rigorous Entry Process :-No doubt, when seeking admission to a public university, you’re faced with a lot of competition, and difficult post ume exams,this in turn brings out the best in you as a student,because you’re in a position where it has now become survival of the fittest. Compared to private universities where one can easily gain admission and probably makes a student become lazy. This makes public schools admit the best students.

2.Quality Academic Standards: Like it or not,public schools have the best facilities for teaching, research, projects,practicals and so on. You as a student tend to benefit a lot from this,because the better the school standard, the better your standard as a student.

3.Acceptance of Certificates: This cannot be over-emphasized,a graduate of a public university will always stand a better chance against a private university graduate in the labour market, because it is verified that public school students go through rigorous teaching and they sweat to get good grades and a good result. A graduate of UI will always stand a better chance against a graduate of Babcock.

4. Healthy Competition: In an average public university, where they are many students in a department, as a student,you’re faced with competition from your coursemates,and you’re faced with having to pass that strict lecturer’s course. this makes the students read regularly, read in the library, read at night and even attend all lectures. In other terms,it builds you as a student, unlike in private university where the students are few so the competition is not high and one can easily scale through.

5. Research: Most mind-blowing research are being conducted by public universities,research which leads to breakthrough in a particular problem ranging from the medical field to engineering and technology. We’ve read news of ABU engineering students making drones,UBTH medical staff conducting kidney transplant, Unizik students making a mini bus and many others. This can only be achieved through quality research and analysis and thesis, not just by classroom teaching. In the business field, the research could proffer solutions to Nigeria’s economic and financial problems and proffer economic advices too.

6.Variety of Courses: In public universities, you have a huge bouquet of courses to choose from, whether in arts or science. Compared to private unis,how many of them offer Medicine and Surgery, few! how many of them offer Engineering ,few! and other sensitive courses like Geology, Radiography and so on. This is definitely a benefit on the side of public university students.
You’ll always wanna study your dream course and therefore you have to pursue your dream, don’t you?

7. Quality of Teachers: I’ve seen a lot of highly qualified teachers in public schools,you find a lot of professors, associate professors,MSc holders and even Emeritus. This tells you that definitely,quality education will be delivered as compared to the private universities which have limited or no professors. Therefore a student stand to gain a lot from their highly qualified lecturers.

No offence to those in private schools, they are good schools too,but one must be better than the other. Ironically, some of the best schools in the world are private, from the Ivy League institutions like Princeton University, Yale University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology to the Oxbridge institutions of Oxford University and Cambridge University.

But here locally, the public schools remains the best options as most private schools lack adequate infrastructure and course accreditation,some are still very young and not well grounded.. compare that to Oxford University which is over 3 centuries old,the oldest university in the English-speaking world,or to Havard University which was established in the 18th century .. So the experience and history of a university plays a huge role in it’s development.
And our public universities have been there long enough to earn these acknowledgement.



Friday, 7 June 2019

These 6 Amazing Things Will Happen If You Read Before Bed

1. You will sleep better

Reading helps put your consciousness on another plane, which will induce sleep. Look at how children adore stories before bedtime, as that helps them to get a great night’s sleep. Moving into a fictional world eases the tension and helps them relax better. That is one of the best ways to get a really restful sleep. What a pity it is that so many of us lose this habit as adults.

2. You will reduce your stress levels

Researchers at the University of Surrey (UK) did a study to see if stress levels were reduced by reading, especially before bed. They found that stress levels were reduced by as much as 68 percent. So, if you are stressed out, why not pick up a book before you go to bed? It will really help you to switch off and de-stress.

3. You will become more creative

You might think that high-powered executives will read books on marketing before they drift off. Actually, many successful entrepreneurs read anything and everything before bedtime. Why? Research shows that they are going to be much more creative and will have more passion for their projects. It is like looking at the world with a different pair of glasses every time. You begin to see problems, people, and situations with more creativity and ingenuity. We need a brain workout a lot more than that workout in the gym which we are so hung up about.

4. You will be able to concentrate better

All that messaging and playing around with social media while trying to keep up with everything that is happening in the world is ruining our concentration. We never really concentrate on anything. But reading before bedtime will force us to process the information without all the visual aids of the computer or smartphone. We are training our brains to concentrate. It can help us focus on our to-do list for tomorrow. If you don’t use it, you will lose it.

5. You will be a more empathetic person

What makes you empathetic? It is simply the ability to see the world from the perspective of another person and to be more sympathetic to where they are coming from. Reading fiction is a marvelous way to discover and understand how others feel and act.

6. You will create an oasis of peace and serenity

What is the best way to wind down before bedtime? Certainly not with the TV on with a violent police drama, or the news with depressing headlines. You need to create a quiet space where you can calm your nerves and help your mind get ready for sleep. The blue light emitted from TV and computer screens will do the opposite. This is why there is nothing like reading a book to quieten everything and everyone down. By the way, the experts say that if you choose an e-book instead of a paper book, your reading speed can be reduced by as much as 30 percent.

Source: StudentNaija

Thursday, 6 June 2019

Elevatorz NG Wins World of Dance Nigeria, Qualifies For 1m Dollars Contest In USA

An Abuja based dance group, Elevatorz NG, has won the 2019 World of Dance Competition held recently in Lagos, thus qualifying to represent Nigeria at the grand finale scheduled to take place later this year in Los Angeles, United States of America where they stand the chance of winning 1 million dollars in cash prize if they go ahead to conquer the world.

World of Dance, acclaimed to be the biggest dance competition in the world with music and movie goddess, Jennifer Lopez as the producer features variety of dance groups across music genres.

Elevatorz NG conquered the stage defeating others who emerged from regional championships across Nigeria.

Elevatorz NG, was formed in 2010 by students in the Department of Theatre and Cultural Studies, Nasarawa State University, Keffi.

The group has been widely recognized in the Nigerian Dance industry, having won "Sprite Tripple Slam" in 2011, "Korean Pop competition" (KPOP PR Ambassador)2012 and finalists at the "Nigeria Got Talent Season 2" in 2013.

It also produced the winner of "Dance With Peter" in 2015 and many other awards to their kitty.

In 2017 Elevatorz NG initiated a dance style called "Trado HipHop" which enjoyed full acceptance from audience and critics within and across the country, leading to her debut concert and official launch of the crusade.

JAMB To Announce 2019 Cut-off Marks On June 11th

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board, JAMB has disclosed that it has not announced the national and general minimum cut-off marks for placement of candidates into the nation’s tertiary institutions as being speculated in some quarters.

This was disclosed by the board’s Head, Media and Information, Dr Fabian Benjamin in an interview with newsmen, on Wednesday in Lagos.

According to him, there is no truth behind such speculations. He described the development as the handiwork of fraudulent elements with a ploy to defraud the candidates and advised candidates not to allow themselves to be swindled by these desperate individuals that are peddling this rumour.

He stated that the cut-off marks could only be decided after inputs have been made by the critical stakeholders in the education sector during the policy meeting scheduled for days ahead.
Mr. Benjamin explained that the next policy meeting would be held on Tuesday, June 11, at Gbongan in Osun.

The spokesman noted that already, preparations for the meeting had been concluded, adding that officials of the Ministry of Education were expected to attend.
He said that it was only after the policy meeting that candidates would be availed of the cut-off marks of the various tertiary institutions across the country.

He explained that the cut-off marks are the minimum expectation for every institution and that does not mean by attaining such cut-off mark, it, therefore, means an automatic placement into schools of first choice.

Stop Enrolling Unqualified Graduates into NYSC, DG Warns Varsities

The Director-General of the National Youth Service Corps, Brig Gen Shuaibu Ibrahim, has warned tertiary institutions in the country against enrolling unqualified graduates in the scheme.

The DG said the NYSC would remove any higher institution found to be involved in fraudulent mobilisation of unqualified and under age graduates in order to serve as a lesson to others.

The NYSC is preparing to mobilise its Batch B prospective corps members by June amid reports from the Ministry of Finance that the monthly allowance paid to the members had been increased to N30,000, which is also the new minimum wage.

But the NYSC DG, while addressing Data Entry Officers from tertiary institutions and Deployment and Relocation Officers from NYSC state at a workshop held in Abuja on Monday, advised  that unqualified graduates should not be enrolled or included in the forthcoming mobilisation.

The DG also said, “Corps-producing institutions are warned not to enroll unqualified or under age graduates into the mobilisation process of the scheme. I advise all of you, participants, not to fall into the temptation of unscrupulous elements that may want to truncate the mobilisation process. Let us maintain good integrity and check your data correctly.”

Source: StudentNaija


Wednesday, 5 June 2019

6 Test Preparation Tips

1) Don’t Procrastinate. Don’t Cram:
Give yourself enough time to study. Never procrastinate and it’s best to begin preparing long before the day of a test. Make it a habit to complete reading assignments on time and frequently review lecture notes. If you’re preparing for mid-term or final exams, you’ll want to organize your time so you can dedicate more time to those exams that are more important or are going to be more demanding.

2) Plan Your Study Time:
Make time for studying by setting aside regular time to study as it will help you achieve high test performance. Also, prepare a term calendar, weekly schedule and daily schedule that includes regular study sessions. It’s so easy for work and other activities to quickly take precedence over studying, so plan your study time in advance.

3) Watch for Clues:
Almost every teacher has a method of preparing test questions – and they tend to use the same method each time they prepare a test. Watch for clues your teacher might provide about possible test questions and formats. It is also advisable to participate at test review sessions and ask questions about unclear concepts. Never be ashamed to ask questions.

4) Arrive Early on Test Day:
It is common for students struggling with difficult subject matter to show up early on test day to seek additional clarification or understanding from the teacher or instructor. This is an excellent opportunity to gain additional understanding and test preparation. Hence, showing up to class early on test day is a great idea should in case the teacher provides any additional tips, instruction or insight.

5) Get Plenty of Sleep:
It is unwise to stay up all night studying prior to test day. Get plenty of sleep the night before a test. Although spending extra time preparing seems like it will improve your score but you never want to show up to a test tired.

6) Use Visual Aids:
Visual aids, including chart, diagrams and graphs are great study helps – especially if you are a visual learner. Organizing information into diagrams and charts helps to condense and simplify information and improves recall at test time.

Source: StudentNaija

Tuesday, 4 June 2019

16 Laws To Pass Post UTME Examination In Any Nigerian University

You have heard from those in power that though shall prepare for post utme examination this year. But you are still wondering, how do I pass this post utme aptitude test when I am not prepared for it yet? Verily I say unto you, if though shall go through these 16 laws to pass post utme examination then amazing success shall be yours.
Quote: It is what you have in your head that takes you ahead; you don’t always need a big head to move ahead. Take a glass of chilled water and follow me as I prepare you for dramatic success in post utme.

16 Laws To Pass 2019 Post UTME

1. Thou Shall Have Hunger:
Like I always say, it is your hunger that determines your hangout. Blessed are those who hunger and taste after post utme success for they shall pass. Before anything happens to you, it first happens in you.

Be motivated to pass your post utme this year. If you don’t continually prepare yourself and mind to pass this exam, there is nothing someone else can do to prepare you.

Don’t take what comes, go for what you want. Desire a post utme score and work towards making it a reality. Alway’s tell yourself, “I must pass this post utme examination once and for all”.

Now that you have made this confession to pass post utme examination, always think about post utme exam, make plans towards your post utme exam date and finally, spend quality time to study for your post utme. You will be home and dry with the three steps above.

2. Forget About Your Jamb Score:
In my last article, I explained the fact that the re-introduction of post utme is good news to candidates with low Jamb 2019 score.

However, you need to develop a positive attitude toward your post utme irrespective of your Jamb score. Always strive to pass post utme examination irrespective of what you think you scored in Jamb.

Post utme is a very important factor that determines who gains admission. Even if you scored low in Jamb, you still have a golden opportunity to study your desired course at the University.
A very high post utme score can help boost your Jamb result. I explained how it works here.

One of the greatest mistakes candidates make in post utme is thinking that their high Jamb score is enough. Don’t be deceived….. no matter how high your Jamb score may be, a low post utme score will disgrace it. Be warned!

3. Revive Your Reading Appetite:
It is normal for you to lose reading appetite after reading to pass Jamb plus the circumstances that follow Jamb Utme.

But since there is no excuse for failure, then you need to stop anything that has the potential to stop your success. You can always revive your dying appetite for reading. Read to pass post utme examination…

4. Say No To Procrastination:
Later things… This is the language of procrastinators. They always think there is time. My dear, do whatever you need to do now. Time is an asset and not a handset.
The later you always say doesn’t come as expected. Learn to live your life with a sense of urgency. Have the mentality, “I am behind schedule…”. Your post utme examination is not far. Say no to procrastination.

5. Read For Longer Hours:
Reading for less than five hours daily is okay for you as a secondary school student. But the demand on you gets higher with time.

Effective reading is a function of time. You may not be fast enough to change time but you can be fast enough to maximise your time. Increase the number of hours you read daily.

Now, you may be wondering about how to study for long hours. It is very easy….. I have written a detailed article on how to study for long hours without losing concentration. Trust me, it’s going to be of great benefit to you.

6. Learn To Remember:
To pass post utme once and for all, you must learn to remember. It is not just enough to read. It is more important to remember what you have read.

The difference between someone who reads for shorter hours but pass very well and another who studies for long hours but don’t perform well is “remembrance”.
Study to remember and not to forget. If you can remember all you have read, then success will smile on you. Do whatever will make you pass post utme examination genuinely.

7. Learn The Jarking Styles That Pay:
I know that you want to gain admission into the University. I wish you what you wish for yourself. But one thing should always be in your mind, “to survive in the University, you must jark”.
Reading is good but jarking pays. And in the world of Jarking, there are different styles to adopt so as to be successful when the post utme results are released. Trust me, I have written a full guide on how to jark for your own good.

8. Practice With Past Questions:
Do you know that past questions are the picture of your future questions? Now you know. Learn to practice past questions.

How do I get post utme past questions for my University of choice? It is very easy. Post utme past questions are sold in bookshops around Universities and various lecture houses.

9. Test Yourself:
It is not enough to keep reading. Try to always test yourself to know your level of preparedness.
There are many ways you can test yourself; they included practising past questions without looking at the answers and setting custom exams for yourself.

10. You Need More Speed:
The greatest demand right now in post utme is time. If you are not fast enough, then you won’t finish enough. You need to dramatically improve your exam answering skills. Do you want to learn how to answer questions faster in the exam hall.

11. Learn To Cram:
Your dad said you should not cram and you are still confused whether to cram or not? Hear this, there are times when you need to cram.

12. Learn To Solve Without a Calculator:
I know you cannot give me the correct answer to 2/3 right now without a calculator. I can see that you are trying to get the answer….lol
Most schools do not allow the use of calculator in their post utme examination. Therefore, you must learn to solve problems without pressing your calculator. It is time to temporarily break the covenant you have with calculator.

13. Learn To Do Night Reading:
So many candidates make the statement, “I don’t know how to read at night”. my dear, it is time to know how to read at night.
You must learn how to handle your night. The day is usually not enough to do everything you should. The night is a golden opportunity for you to capture your future and acquire your desire.

14. Attend Lecture Houses:
Attending lectures is very helpful. If you find it difficult to be self-taught then consider attending a good lecture house close to you. Meeting fellow aspirants will ginger you to pass post utme by all means.

15. Love Your Subjects:
I don’t like mathematics. This is the complaint of many students.
It is true that everyone has areas of weakness. However, it is also true that weaknesses can be handled. Handle your weakness now and pass post utme examination once and for all.

16. Practice Post Utme Past Questions:
Another amazing thing is that you can practice post utme past questions online.

Source: StudentNaija

Hope this article is helpful? if yes, kindly drop a comment on the comment box.


Monday, 3 June 2019

JAMB Change of Course and Institution 2019/20 Application Commences

Official JAMB Change of Course & Institution Form 2019/2020 Session Begins.

The Joint Admissions And Matriculation Board, JAMB wishes to inform 2019 UTME candidates that the Change of Course and Institution application has commenced.

Candidates who wish to change their choice university/ institution or course ahead of the 2019/2020 Post-UTME can now take advantage of this opportunity to switch to another institution or course.

How To Apply For 2019 JAMB Change of Institution & Course:

Candidates are to log into their JAMB profile on the e-facility portal via; http://
Open the Menu on your profile account

Select Register, under register a drop box appear where you’ll see UTME correction of data

Select it and follow the steps to either pay online or at the bank.

JAMB correction of data costs N2,500 only and can be paid at an commercial bank nationwide (bank charges apply).

1) You can apply for change of institution at the JAMB Accredited Registration Centres ONLY.
Visit the nearest CBT Center close to you for the change for it includes THUMBPRINTING

2) Before you can Change Course / Institution for 2019 UTME registered candidates, an Account MUST be created. This shall be used to login subsequently. Only your Access Code is required to create account.

Closing Date:
The Jamb Change of course and institution application deadline is not yet out.

Best Wishes…


Sunday, 2 June 2019

10 Tips for a Good Roommate Relationship

Meeting someone for the first time and then live in the same room with that person for a whole school year is not that easy. However, having a roommate can be a very rewarding and pleasant experience as many university roommates choose to share rooms for years, and even become life-long friends!

Here are a few tips to make your roommate relationship as enjoyable and supportive as possible:
1) Clear Communication from the begining: As roommates, you will be sharing a small space for a long time, and will need to respect each other’s needs and differences. Maybe you like to play music while you study, but your roommate can’t concentrate with it on. Maybe you need some quiet time each morning before starting your day. Don’t assume that your roommate will just figure all this out. Rather communicate these needs, preferences, and expectations as soon as possible as will save you both a lot of conflict.

2) Nip It in the Bud: Solve problems while they’re still small, never wait until the problems are big. Is your roommate doing something that annoys you a lot? Such as borrowing your things without asking? Leaving the room a mess too often? Address these issues as soon as you notice them in a calm and friendly manner. After all, your roommate may not even be aware that there’s a problem. It’s much easier to solve a problem when it’s small than when it’s become a big.
3) Don’t Wait – Solve Big Problems Immediately: Maybe you tried to follow step #2 and solve the problem when it was small, or maybe a huge problem just seemed to explode out of nowhere. Whatever the case, don’t procrastinate, don’t wait to see if it’ll just go away. Address the situation immediately.

4) Your Roommate’s Stuff is Your Roommate’s Stuff: It seems obvious, but this is probably the most common problem that arises between roommates. Never assume he won’t mind if you finish off his leftovers; he probably will. Always ask for permission before borrowing or using anything that belongs to your roommate!

5) Be Cautious About Inviting People Over: You might be an extroverted socialite who thrives in a group, but that might not be true of your roommate. Your roommate may need some quiet time to study, and bringing a group of friends or classmates into your room may be very irritating. Perhaps you can alternate who gets the room and who goes to the library. Talk to your roommate about this, and make sure you don’t overstep any boundaries when inviting friends.

6) Lock Up: Imagine your roommate steps out for a moment to grab a snack and forgets to lock the door. You come home to find your laptop and stereo have vanished mysteriously. How do you think you’ll feel about your roommate after that? Locking the doors and windows is important for keeping you and your property safe. Remember: it’s not just your own stuff that you’re protecting, it’s your roommate’s as well.

7) You Might Not Be BEST Friends, and That’s Okay: Be pleasant and friendly with your roommate, but respect each other’s space. Trying to force a best-friend relationship will only cause strain and discomfort for both of you. Be friendly, but make sure you each have your own life and your own social circles.

8) Keep an Open Mind: Your roommate may have a background VERY different from yours. He or she may be from another culture, and may have an entirely different lifestyle, ideology, and perspective than yours. Be open to this new perspective, and respect the differences between you. If you do, you will find the diversity this experience brings into your life to be very rewarding.

9) The One Constant is Change: University is a time for learning and growth, and both you and your roommate will likely change a lot during your time together. Be aware of the changes as they come, and don’t cling to the past. New challenges will arise, and you may need to address new issues or come to new agreements. You may start out close and slowly grow apart, or the opposite may be true. Be open to this change, and go with the flow.

10) Treat Your Roommate How You Want to Be Treated: Having a roommate can certainly be challenging, and you may sometimes be unsure how to solve a problem between you. When in doubt, follow the Golden Rule, and treat your roommate how you would hope to be treated. That way, no matter what happens, you’ll know that you treated your roommate respectfully, and you will have no regrets.

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Saturday, 1 June 2019


Do you feel like you’re putting all the effort you have into your schoolwork? Do you wonder if there’s a way to make the most of your day, inside and outside of classes? Since you’ve hit your capacity of effort, learning how to work smarter, not harder, is your next step.

Maybe you know people who effortlessly juggle clubs, sports, work and school — and you wonder how they can have time for all of it. When you learn how to work smarter, not harder, you develop the ability to do that, too. You’ll be able to accomplish what you need to and still have time to do things you enjoy.

Strategically approaching your schoolwork can reduce your stress and boost your results. But restructuring your habits requires a few changes. Here are six ways to work smarter, not harder.

You may think that doubling up on tasks is clever and lets you optimize your time. But human brains are not wired for effective multitasking, and your attempts at switching between tasks can harm your performance in school.

It might seem like a useful idea to listen to an audiobook for your American literature course while you finish calculus homework. But you can suffer in both classes when you split your attention.
Improve your quality of work by giving each to-do item on your list your full concentration. Devote focus to important projects. You can avoid the extra trouble it takes to tackle two things at once.

Each semester, your classes range in level of difficulty. Certain courses have a tough teacher or a demanding workload, while others are less complicated. So, when a paper is coming up in your hardest class, and a test is approaching in your easiest one, you have to choose which task to take on first and how much time you’ll devote to each.

Determine which projects deserve more time and effort. Carve out a proportionate block in your schedule based on each item’s importance. Cut tasks that aren’t worth spending time on to fully prioritize your to-do list.

At your school, you have access to experienced teachers and crucial information. Use these assets to enhance your schoolwork and push you in the right direction. If you have a question about an assignment, you can consult your professor or an online resource to reach an answer. Use the resources available to you to maximize your potential for the future.

A tendency that most students have is procrastination, and it’s hard to fight. You don’t feel like doing homework, so you leave it until the deadline is looming — and then the surge of adrenaline, and probably coffee, help you power through. While you may get your project done, you’re tired now, and that makes it harder to accomplish your other tasks and assignments.

To help replace a procrastination mindset, try focusing on your end goal. Maybe your goal is to get a good grade in the class, or you might end up seeing this particular subject later on in your course studies for your major.

Maybe the material is something directly related to your career path. When you realize how the present will impact your future, it’s easier to find the motivation to get things done before the last minute.

Preparing for upcoming tests, papers and reading can make your work manageable and protect you from distractions. Set up blocks of time in your schedule to knock out each item.

When you assign a purpose to sections of your day, you can achieve better results. Leverage your time to keep your work in a steady flow with an organized lifestyle. Dedicate sections of your day to schoolwork, so you aren’t exerting more energy than you need to.

You need time to recover and regroup before moving on to new tasks, so add in sections for breaks so you can have enough motivation to face the rest of your day. Be flexible with your schedule and adjust when you need to.

Striving to do your best in school can lead to burnout without pauses in your busy day. But a short rest can restore motivation and stimulate learning. Overly strict plans can become unrealistic, so provide time to hang out with a friend, take a refreshing nap or participate in an enjoyable activity.

in conclusion, to work smarter, not harder, consider how you’re currently using your time and tackling projects. Try these methods to function efficiently with a smooth workflow. Discover what’s holding you back and restructure your approach to see improvement.

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